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Red 2021 Ford Bronco with mountains in the background

Are You Waiting to Get Your Ford Bronco?: Ford May Give You a Bottle of Bourbon

Did you make a reservation for the Ford Bronco but are waiting a long time to get it? With high demand and production delays, there are thousands of unfulfilled Bronco orders, so many customers such as yourself are in the same boat. However, to reward your patience, Ford may give you a bottle of bourbon.

After a lengthy hiatus, the Ford Bronco made a comeback. The demand for the modern iteration of this iconic SUV is incredibly high. Did you make a reservation for the new Bronco? Have you been waiting a long time to get it? If so, you can at least take solace in knowing that you’re not alone. With the high demand, slow production, and quality control issues, there is a delay in fulfilling orders, with the backlog in the tens of thousands. Many customers such as yourself are in the same boat. Also, to reward your patience, Ford may give you a bottle of bourbon.

Bourbon and other rewards for Ford Bronco customers waiting for their order

Red 2021 Ford Bronco with mountains in the background
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

A bottle of bourbon? Is this really possible? As hard as this is to believe, it’s true. Ford gave “Customer Satisfaction Funds” to its dealerships. The program has a $1,000 value and runs through the end of June 2022. The funds can be spent on such things as accessories and gifts, as well as bourbon.

Ford provides a great deal of flexibility in how the dealers use the funds. The only stipulation is that the funds should be used to “take care of the customers based on their unique needs.” However, Ford has some suggestions. 

At first, the suggestions seem mundane, with Ford stating the funds could be used as thank you gifts to reward things like 2022 model year consultations or for when a customer gets a replacement for a Bronco hardtop. However, the next part of the guidelines is when Ford takes things in a wild direction:

“Buy a bottle of their favorite Bourbon or Spirit to thank them for their loyalty and patience.”

– Ford guidelines for the dealership Customer Satisfaction Funds

Would a bottle of bourbon keep you satisfied while you wait for your Ford Bronco?

Bottle of Laws Four Grain bourbon poured into glass
Bottle of Laws Four Grain Bourbon at Laws Whisky House | Amy Brothers/The Denver Post via Getty Images

If your local Ford dealership gave you a bottle of bourbon, would you feel less anxious and stressed out from the delay of the arrival of your Bronco. It undoubtedly would at least take a little bit of the edge off of your Bronco anxiousness. Perhaps, Ford did their thorough market research on their Bronco customers and found that bourbon would be a well-received gift. 

Offering hard liquor, however, is a somewhat questionable marketing ploy, given its association with drunk driving. The key here is don’t get too carried away with the celebrations when your Bronco arrives and booze up with your bourbon. At least wait until you get back home with your Bronco before you take your first sip.

Why is it taking so long to get the Ford Bronco?

In all seriousness, it is understandably frustrating for Bronco customers to wait so long to receive their vehicle. With so much built-up anticipation with the beloved Bronco making a comeback, it’s only natural that customers want to get behind the wheel as soon as possible. 

With the quality-control issues for the hardtops, Ford is partially to blame for the delays. However, much of it is out of their hands. The customer demand for the Bronco exceeded expectations, so it is challenging to produce Broncos quickly enough to meet the demand. Also, the semiconductor chip shortage, which affects all of the automotive industry, is another contributing factor for the delays.


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