Are You the Person That Would Get the Honda Passport Over the CR-V?

Honda has spiced up its lineup of SUVs recently, and the Honda Passport is a great example of this. The Passport is a worthy option, but the CR-V still gets most of the shine. Would you say you’re the type of person to get the 2020 Passport over the 2020 CR-V?

Driving the Honda Passport vs. the Honda CR-V 

A sharp, gray 2020 Honda CR-V Touring model parked in the city.
2020 Honda CR-V Touring | Honda

As their looks indicate, the Passport and CR-V offer two different flavors when it comes to performance. The CR-V is a compact SUV known for its gentleness and composure. On the other hand, the Passport is a midsize SUV designed for more rugged terrains.

The 2020 CR-V has a 190-hp, turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, and a continuously variable automatic transmission. Overall, the CR-V is a comfortable, composed ride with just enough sportiness. Fuel economy is another notable highlight for the CR-V. The standard model has an EPA rating of a combined 30 mpg. And if you want something even more eco-friendly, the CR-V is also available as a hybrid

2020 Honda Passport in the wilderness
2020 Honda Passport | Honda

The 2020 Passport shares a few of the same attributes as its smaller sibling, the CR-V. The Passport is comfortable with a hint of sportiness. While many reviewers like the Passport for its potency, some have complained that it’s a stiff ride. The Passport has a beefy 280-hp, 3.5-liter V6, and a nine-speed automatic. 

Furthermore, the Passport is capable enough for moderate off-roading adventures. Models with the standard front-wheel-drive system have a ground clearance of 7.5 inches, as Car and Driver notes. If you upgrade to all-wheel-drive, you get 8.1 inches of ground clearance. 

Comparing car cabins 

Honda CR-V icompact crossover SUV interior on display at Brussels Expo
The interior of the Honda CR-V | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Both the CR-V and Passport boast high-quality cabins. These two Hondas are five-seaters that stand out in their respective classes for available space. The CR-V has plush seats and 75.8 cubic feet of total cargo space. With the Passport, you get more room to sprawl out in and up 100.7 cubic feet of cargo space. 

The CR-V and Passport are standard with cloth upholstery. You can upgrade either with amenities including leather and heated seats. However, the Passport offers a few more thrills, such as heated and ventilated perforated leather front seats.

2020 Honda Passport interior
2020 Honda Passport interior | Honda

For the most part, the CR-V and the Passport do well with in-car tech. Honda made a few advanced safety features standard on both, including a backup camera, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keep assist. The main downside is that both 2020 models are bare-bones regarding infotainment. You have to upgrade from the base models to get a touchscreen display and connectivity apps such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

So, would you get the Passport over the CR-V?

A close up image of the Honda logo.
Honda Logo | Smith Collection/Gado via Getty Images

Honda Gets Off-Road Ready with Trailsport Models

There are some enticing deals on both the 2020 CR-V and Passport as this model year comes to a close. A 2020 CR-V has an MSRP of $25,150; the Passport’s is $31,990. We’d say that the CR-V is the more well-rounded choice of the two. But if you’re interested in a model with Honda’s signature quality and light off-roading capability, the Passport is respectable.