Are You Looking At The Future Of Electric Vehicles?

Does this make sense? Are you looking at the future of electric vehicles? This is the MonoRacer 130E EV motorcycle. The category is known as a “cabin motorcycle.” It handles two passengers in tandem like the old bicycles built for two. Extendable outrigger wheels pop out when the driver gets to slower speeds or stops. Obviously, he or she can’t stick their legs out because it is enclosed. Pressing a button extends the outrigger wheels.

Being an electric vehicle it has a range of just under 250 miles

Peraves CZ cabin motorcycle | Peraves

It is legal in the US with speeds up to 150 mph. Being an EV it has a range of just under 250 miles. Comfort was of prime concern for the designer/fabricator Arnold Wagner. He started Peraves CZ in the Czech Republic to make the MonoRacer 130 beginning in 2009. About 200 130s have been sold since then. It stopped producing the gas-version in 2016. 

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Now, with an all-electric version, Peraves expects sales to pick up substantially. It expects to build two vehicles per month. The first deliveries will take place later this month.

The high-quality components used are evident inside with AMG-leather seats, a high-end audio system, and a remote-controlled door as an option. There is also 4.2 cubic-feet of baggage space behind the rear seat. 

“It is fast, cheap to maintain, and plenty of fun to drive”

Peraves CZ cabin motorcycle with founder Arnold Wagner | Peraves

Peraves wants to redefine personal mobility with the 130E. They say, “it is fast, cheap to maintain, and plenty of fun to drive.” Once EU certification is completed it will start shipping to Switzerland where we can assume deposits have already been taken. It says it has “the world’s best engine, electronic-, and interior-specialists.” 

Before we get into other details, it is important to know that the expected base price for the 130E will be just under $95,000. With extras like a second battery and remote control door, one can expect to pay over $105,000. Any way you slice it that’s a lot of money no matter how well it is made or engineered. 

This needs to be really compelling for one to pop $100,000 for

Early Peraves CZ cabin motorcycle | Peraves

This might be why only 200 of the 130s have been sold. Yes, it is an attention-getter and probably a blast to drive. But, those need to be really compelling for one to pop $100,000 for one. Then, there is the safety issue.

“In case of a car accident, you will never face a frontal collision,” according to the website. “The cabin hardness and an egg shape in combination with a multipoint safe belt guarantee your maximum safety.” 

With the auto world rapidly changing we’re anxious to see if this will just be a fringe thing or will it proliferate? Will cabin motorcycles be a Euro-thing or can they make headway in the US as well? Is this the future of electric vehicles throughout the world?