Are Toyota Trucks Really the Most Reliable?

The beloved Toyota brand creates fanboys and fangirls on the daily. Though a little on the expensive side, many have their Toyotas for years and years to come. Racking up the mileage is exactly what’s expected from Toyota reliability. Especially with their trucks.

It’s not uncommon to see a Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Tundra, or Toyota Tacoma old timer still going strong. Toyota die hards are all in, while some Toyota owners say they wouldn’t buy another Toyota truck when it’s time for a new one. In this The Fast Lane Trucks video, we see trucks with odometers from 83,000 to over 300,000 miles. Not bad, but are Toyota trucks really the most reliable?

2014 Toyota Tacoma

In the video, this truck has 83,000 miles on it. The owner says he bought it based on the reputed resale value of the Tacoma. He’s not super excited about the fuel economy or the outdated interior.

But the owner of this 2014 Tacoma pickup truck says as far as reliability goes its great. But he won’t be buying another one of these because it is just not an “enjoyable” car. As a work truck it is functional and serves its purpose.

It starts every time, but this owner would prefer something a little more fun to drive with a more updated interior. He says next time he will probably go for something like the Chevy Colorado or the Ford Ranger.

2007 Toyota Tacoma

This one has 161,000 miles on it and the owner seems to love it. It’s a tried and true family truck that totes he, his wife, and child around with an all original drivetrain. He says the trucks has served his family well and he loves the composite truck bed.

However, TFL trucks host did notice that the bolts and tie downs in the pickup bed were a little rusty and corroded. Overall, not bad for over 160,000 miles on a truck over 10 years old.

2006 Toyota Tundra

This truck is owned by a self proclaimed Toyota “fanboy.” He loves his truck, fits three child seats should to shoulder in the rear seat, and this Tundra has 200,000 miles on it. The owner says he has done oil changes and brakes on this truck and that’s the only maintenance it has needed.

This 2006 Toyota Tundra is mechanically sound enough to haul his family, the ATV and the trailer behind it. He uses the truck to tow cars for work and as a daily driver for the fam. The one issue he has had is with the clear coat. Apparently this Tacoma’s clear coat wore off pretty quickly and the surfaces began to rust. He ended up needing the rust repaired and a whole new paint job on the truck.

2002 Toyota Sequoia

This Toyota truck shares the same 4.7 liter V8 engine as the Tundra. Owner loves how mechanically sound his Sequoia is, especially after owning a Ford Expedition which he says was extremely unreliable.

He did, however, have a story of the Sequoia leaving his wife stranded on the side of the highway. One hot day, a fan blade broke off and wreaked havoc under the hood leaving her there to wait for help. The owner did mention that the parts for that repair were easy to find and inexpensive.

The owner also easily obtained parts for the repair of the locked ignition that Toyota is notorious for. He hated repairing the exterior handle that opens the hatch, but the interior was pristine considering the vehicle’s use.

2000 Toyota Tundra

This Tundra pickup truck has a whopping 320,000 miles on it. It’s functional, and also boasts the same Toyota V8 that people love so well. Other than regular maintenance, this owner says the truck has required very little to run great for all those miles.

Yeah, Toyota Trucks are reliable

After these examples of trucks with few problems over long lifespan, it’s safe to conclude that, yes. “Toyota trucks are indeed reliable.” Mechanically sound requiring few large repairs, they are a great choice for reliability.