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What in the world are these supercars? Are they real and are they a glimpse into hypercar dreams of the future? Well, yes and no. Yes, they are a look into future possibilities and no, they’re not real. They’re digital renditions by Ken Kelleher. They explore the possibilities of what is possible with modern materials and new technology in automobile assembly.

Why does Kelleher create these designs?

Ken Kelleher 3D
Ken Kelleher 3D and digital future designs | KK

Kelleher likes the idea that “you create something that has never before existed in the world until you created it.” That’s one of the main draws for designers, to see that which is floating around in their gray matter as 3-dimensional objects. 

These aren’t all 3D, but some are actual static models he finds artists to help him build. “Once I create the renderings, I research how they could be done and connect with people who I think would be right for the project,” he says. “This phase of creation is the phase in which what you made is still brand new to you,” he told Designboom. “It has been born out of you. It didn’t exist before, and now it does.” Okay, then!

Are these supercars real?

Ken Kelleher concepts
Ken Kelleher 3D Black Beauty supercar future design | KK

The quality of his digital renderings makes it hard to tell if they’re real, or not, but we’ll take a stab. What he calls “Black Beauty” is three-dimensional. It’s the black car that looks like it has Porsche DNA, only overexaggerated with two huge fins in the rear. 

Ken Kelleher 3D
Ken Kelleher 3D Pink Bubblegum Sport supercar concept | KK

“Pink Bubblegum Sport” also appears to be real. Its smooth flowing lines look familiar, but not those wheel discs that tie flush to the front portions of the wheel openings. We don’t know how the front wheels would turn, but these are sculptures, not functional vehicles. 

Ken Kelleher 3D
Ken Kelleher Torque One digital future motorcycle | KK

The lush purple motorcycle called Torque One is like an Arlen Ness one-off, only inflated and exaggerated. A lot of liberties are taken, yet the overinflated bike looks like it is doable. However, to be really functional the body would need to be light carbon fiber or something exotic like magnesium. 

Are these supercars for sale?

Ken Kelleher Orange Stryker digital future supercar design | KK

Orange Stryker takes elements from several mid-engine supercars. It almost harkens back to the Jim Hall Chapperal 2D coupes from 1966. But sweetened up to give it more of a contemporary flair. 

Ken Kelleher 3D
Ken Kelleher 928 Porsche Private Jet digital supercar design | KK

Kelleher goes off the rails with his 928 Porsche Private Jet. With all of the flying car startups, one of them should give this a shot at reality. It’s outrageous, and unimaginable until he spits the design out of his computer. 

Would you own one?

Ken Kelleher concepts
Ken Kelleher 3D and digital future designs | KK

His fastback pink coupe looks to be inspired by those great late-1930s Talbot-Lago organic masterpieces. But Kelleher’s design exaggerates and enhances those vintage coupes. The rear vents and/or taillights have a very dramatic jet thruster look.

Besides these, there are other more whimsical what-ifs. But these have a more serious feel as well as seductive quality. Would you want one of these as your daily? 


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