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As time marches on, classic vehicle collectors are increasingly interested in trucks from later and later model years. The General Motors full-size truck generations referred to as the GMT400 (1988-1998) and GMT800 (1999-2006) were once dismissed by collectors. But both these generations of Chevrolet and GMC truck are gaining popularity with classic pickup collectors.

Are square body Chevy and OBS chevy trucks the same?

No. Square Body truck usually refers to the 1973 through 1987 Chevrolet/GMC C/K pickup trucks. OBS Chevrolet stands for “old body style” and usually refers to 1988-1999 Chevy/GMC trucks. Internally, General Motors called this generation of trucks and SUVs the GMT400.

1978 Chevrolet K-series “square body” | General Motors

Once upon a time, the square body Chevy truck may have been considered a “cost effective” alternative to the more decorative 1967-1972 C/K generation. But these square body trucks have built a huge following. One benefit of the 73-87 Chevy and GMC trucks is just how square they are. It sounds obvious, but their simple shape makes them a perfect canvas for hot-rod builders and other modifiers.

As square body trucks become rarer and more expensive, many classic pickup fans are looking to more recent generations to restore. But GMT400 and GMT800 pickup trucks are much more than cost effective square body Chevy alternatives. Both later generations offer many benefits of their own.

Are OBS Chevy trucks collectible?

Red 1988 Chevrolet K1500 GMT400 classic pickup truck sketch by General Motors.
1988 K1500 Sportside Silverado “OBS” | General Motors

Old body style (OBS) Chevy pickup trucks were built from 1988 through 1998. They have a blocked off shape that retains a bit of the older, square body look. For years they were considered affordable work trucks. But Radwood-era vehicle fans have begun buying them to collect as classics.

There are several key benefits to buying an old OBS Chevy truck. Firstly, it was the first generation GM truck to offer an extended-cab configuration. Starting in 1995, GM added a driver-side airbag. Dual airbags didn’t come until 1998.

The OBS Chevy truck also boasted much more modern technology than its predecessor. Its gasoline engine options all featured throttle body fuel injection, gaining either central point or sequential multiport fuel injection in 1996.

General Motors had also been experimenting with independent front suspension on its 2WD, square body era trucks. But the GMT400 generation was the first to include IFS on its 4WD “K-series” pickup trucks–according to Transmission Digest.

Are GMT800 Chevy trucks classics?

General Motors GMT800 generation of pickup trucks (1998-2007) was the first to carry the Silverado nameplate. Though few classic truck fans are restoring them yet, these “old trucks” are prized for by many.

1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 “GMT800” | General Motors

A GMT800 Chevrolet pickup truck is recent enough that it is considered a “beater” or work truck by man. But fans of older vehicles find them increasingly appealing. This is the first generation of GMC/Chevrolet pickup truck to have two air bags and fuel injection included in every model year. It’s also one of the final models years to include a manual transmission option.

Radwood era,” or 1980s and 1990s vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with classic car collectors. Many folks fondly remember the GMT400 and GMT800 pickup trucks or SUVs from their childhood. These Chevy/GMC pickup trucks also feature modern technology such as independent front suspension and fuel injection, which some people may be more comfortable with than solid axles and carburetors. For these reasons, the GMT400 and even GMT800 pickup trucks are quickly gaining prestige as classics.

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