Are Honda’s Certified Pre-Owned Cars Reliable?

In many ways, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is just as good as getting a new one. Many automakers now have their own CPO car programs, like Honda. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle with a seal of approval from the automaker can give buyers extra peace of mind.

Additionally, these programs often come with several perks, like a few free maintenance appointments and extra warranties. If your certified pre-owned Honda needs repairs, you can take it to any Honda dealership, not just where you bought the car. What else does Honda’s certified pre-owned program have to offer? Kelley Blue Book helped us with the answers.

Certified by Honda

As with most certified pre-owned cars, the vehicles included in the program are six years old or less. Honda’s certified pre-owned program also adds more miles on top of the warranty the car had at its release. Each vehicle has to pass an inspection from a qualified Honda technician to ensure every part works correctly.

Honda’s certified pre-owned program also promises two free oil changes, special financing, and three free months of satellite radio. Honda also won’t charge a deductible on any repairs, and 24-hour roadside assistance is included. The program is standardized, meaning you’ll get the same benefits no matter which model you choose.

Additional warranties

Here’s where things get a little tricky. The program offers a 7-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty for each car. However, Honda’s CPO vehicles have two different bumper-to-bumper warranty levels depending on the car’s age. 

If the car is older than one year and or has more than 12,000 miles, it gets a one-year limited warranty. Vehicles younger than one year get the full two-year (or 50,000 miles) bumper-to-bumper coverage. Both the CPO warranties become valid once the original new-car warranty, good for 36,000 miles, has expired.

Is it better to buy certified pre-owned Hondas?


The 2018 Honda Civic Is a Great Used Commuter Car

Buying a CPO vehicle is a great way to snag a deal on a barely used car. The Honda CR-V is one of the automaker’s most popular and reliable models, but a new one costs over $25,000. Adding all-wheel drive can raise the price to almost $27,000. Buying through Honda’s CPO program, you can get a 2019 Honda CR-V with AWD for almost $24,000.

Buying through the CPO program also maximizes your savings for the highest trims. A brand-new Honda Pilot Elite can cost over $48,000. One listing shows a CPO 2017 Honda Pilot Elite for only $32,499 and it has less than 30,000 miles.

Many buyers also appreciate the inspection that comes included with each of Honda’s CPO vehicles. Used vehicles are not required to be inspected in every state before being sold by dealerships. You should always visually inspect a used car yourself, even if the seller claims it’s in good condition.

However, some problems are not always apparent from a thorough inspection. You may experience problems once you get behind the wheel, some of which might be expensive to fix. Problems with CPO cars have already been fixed at no cost to you.

Some buyers actually prefer buying an older model that has a good reliability rating. The 2015 Honda Accord is actually more dependable than the latest model, according to Consumer Reports. It may lack some of the latest tech, but it still has Bluetooth and available navigation.

At the end of the day, each CPO vehicle is still a used car. While Honda’s program offers a thorough inspection and some maintenance perks, your car may still need repairs sooner than a new one. Fortunately, since the Japanese automaker has an outstanding reputation for dependable cars, buying through its CPO program is a relatively safe bet.