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Bicycles are a great way to get your exercise in and it can save you gas money by not using your vehicle. But, sometimes, you just need a little extra power to help you along. Electric bikes help you do just that.

Since these kinds of bikes come with electric power, people often worry that they’re more dangerous to use. lists the dangers that you could face, but they also explain how they can easily be avoided. 

What exactly is an electric bike?

An electric bike is essentially a regular bicycle with one major difference. It contains an electrical system to help propel it forward on all types of terrain, including hills. Consider it a cross between a regular bike and a motorbike. You still use your pedals, but you don’t have to apply so much effort. 

E-bikes have brakes, much like a regular bicycle, but you’ll find they’re much stronger. Since the electric bike runs at higher speeds, you need a higher strength brake to enable you to stop quickly when you need to. Also, the bike comes with a battery pack that provides the electrical system that moves it along. So, the e-bike will be a little heavier than your average everyday bicycle. 

How dangerous is it?

An electric bike isn’t actually all that dangerous, but it would depend on how responsible you are in using it. When you ride a regular bicycle, you have to take care when you’re traveling around other types of vehicles, like cars or motorcycles. The e-bike is no different, except you need to take a little extra caution. 

One danger, some people have faced, is when they got too excited and tried to put it to its limits before they actually knew how to ride it properly. Speeding up too fast, too soon, will usually result in an accident. 

Another danger that could easily be avoided is when a rider doesn’t obey traffic rules. Just because you’re not using a car or motorcycle, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you wish on the road. There are rules you need to follow to ensure a safe ride. 

E-bikes seem like a great way to help the elderly get exercise without them getting too exhausted doing it. However, it could cause them injury if they’re not careful. These bikes are a little heavier than a regular bicycle, so mounting and dismounting could be a problem for them. 

The battery pack, like any other, always comes with risks. In certain situations, they could catch on fire. It’s important to use one specifically designed for your e-bike and always have it checked out with a professional if anything seems wrong with it. 

Here are some tips for using an electric bike safely

As says, riding alongside traffic can be very dangerous. Make sure you’re paying closer attention to what’s going on. Know where all vehicles are at or how close you might come to a pedestrian. You should be ready for any sudden moves that could cause an accident

Make sure you get to know your e-bike before taking it out. Learn how it handles at the lower speeds before you try to push for more power. The more you know, the better able you can handle it on the road, especially when you come across a situation where you need to avoid a collision. 

When coming up on a stop sign, or a road you want to turn on, be sure to brake earlier than you would on a normal bicycle. The e-bike has more weight and runs with more power than a regular bike, so you will need more distance to come to a complete stop or to slow down enough to turn. 

E-bikes aren’t really dangerous but could be if you don’t ride responsibly. Follow basic traffic rules for a regular bike and pay closer attention to other vehicles and pedestrians on the road or path you’re on. 


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