Are Any of the 2020 Range Rover Models Actually Reliable?

When I think of Range Rovers, I think of beautifully styled SUVs that are capable of mixing luxury and practicality. The 2020 model years might do that well, but there is also one more word that you could use to describe their cars: unreliable. Part of the expense of owning a Range Rover isn’t the original sticker price, but instead the constant maintenance and repairs that they require. Range Rovers are still great SUVs if you are willing to deal with reliability problems and high-cost repairs.

Questionable reliability

There are a handful for models on the 2020 Range Rover lineup, but are anything of them reliable? The short answer: no. There is only one model that has recalls, but it drags down the reliability ratings of the group according to Consumer Reports. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is one of the more popular options, and there is no doubt that it’s a great looking SUV, but there are some concerning recalls that sound like they could easily lead to more and more problems.

2021 Range Rover | Range Rover

Recalls on the Evoque include problems that could potentially cause a crash. The first is failure of the headliner, which doesn’t sound like a big deal but could cause problems with visibility and lead to a potential crash. That isn’t the only visibility problem, however, because defects with the windshield wipers could prevent them from working effectively, which can be dangerous while raining. If those aren’t concerning enough, issues with the interior body panels causes a piece of metal to detach when the side curtain airbag deploys.

Range Rovers are still great SUVs

There haven’t been any recalls on the Velar or Discovery, which wins the brand back some major bonus points. However, they still don’t score high for the reliability or expected owner satisfaction. Consumer Reports doesn’t go into detail as to why these two cars get such low-reliability scores, so it’s hard to tell if it’s due to a history of reliability in older models.

ECD Automotive Design Range Rover Classic interior
ECD Automotive Design Range Rover Classic interior | ECD Automotive Design

A Land Rover Recall Failure Led to Another Recall

Regardless of questionable reliability the Range Rover name brand is still highly desired, and drivers continue to buy them. Regardless of a few recalls, maintenance and other repairs on any Range Rover are still wildly expensive, but that’s what you expect from a lot of the luxury brands including Audi and Mercedes-Benz, so for some people it’s well worth the costs.