Are Acura’s PMC Edition Models Worth the Higher Price?

Last year, Acura unveiled the PMC Editions of the TLX and MDX models at the New York Auto Show. While most might dismiss both models as just being the same old TLX and MDX with special paint jobs, they would be remiss in noticing the finer details that make each one special. The TLX and MDX PMC Editions are indeed special, but are they worth the higher price tag?

What makes them special?

For starters, both of these models are hand-built alongside the Acura NSX in Acura’s Performance Manufacturing Center located in Marysville, Ohio. Why does that matter? It matters because, unlike mass-produced “regular” versions of the TLX and MDX, the PMC Editions will be built by the same group of master technicians that actually build the NSX and will be put through the same quality assurance testing that the NSX goes through.

“We designed the PMC not only to build NSX but to give Acura the flexibility to explore handcrafted production of limited-edition models,” said Jon Ikeda, Acura brand chief. “The TLX and MDX PMC Edition are the first to take advantage of this unique capability, and we intend to explore additional options.”

The PMC Edition cars will arrive at the center as unfinished shells and will then be assembled, painted, and completed by the master technicians. After assembly, the technicians will put them through a rough road check, a dynamometer check, and a final inspection before they are special-delivered to dealerships via an enclosed carrier. Only 360 TLX PMC Editions and 330 MDX PMC Editions will be made and a special number plaque on the interior of each car will commemorate that.

2020 TLX PMC Edition

Acura TLX PMC Edition

The TLX PMC Edition will come with everything available for the regular TLX, which means it will have both the A-Spec package and the Advance package on it. Normally, you can only get a TLX with one or the other, so this means that it will have the all the aggressive body styling accessories of the A-Spec package, but also come with remote start, parking sensors, surround-view camera, and heated front and rear seats that the Advance package has.

Topping it all off is the special Valencia Red Pearl paint that also comes on the NSX. The special paint job is accentuated by a black grille, black door handles, and mirror caps, as well as black 19-inch wheels. Under the hood, the same 3.5-liter V6 engine and nine-speed automatic, but on the inside, special black Milano leather with Alcantara sports seats with contrast red stitching finish the PMC touches.

2020 TLX PMC Edition

Acura MDX PMC Edition

Just like the TLX, the Acura MDX PMC Edition will be built with everything on it. This again means that it will have the A-Spec and Advance packages, which include the more-aggressive A-Spec front and rear bumpers, dual exhaust outlets and rear spoiler, as well as second-row captain’s chairs and the active damper system.

The same 290-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 is under the hood, along with the nine-speed automatic that routes power to all four wheels via Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive system. The exterior will be coated in the special PMC Valencia Red Pearl and accented by black 20-inch wheels and trim pieces.

2020 MDX PMC Edition

Are they worth it?

The TLX PMC Edition will be priced at $48,950 and the MDX will be priced at $61,750. That might sound like a lot, but considering a TLX with the Advance package is priced at $46,975 (including destination) and the MDX with the Advance package comes in at $59,275, we would say it’s definitely worth it.

If you added up all the packages and the cost of the special paint job separately, it would come out to more than the price Acura is asking the special editions. They are definitely special, in more ways than one.