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EVs are becoming the future of transportation, and many companies are scrambling right to make the type of EVs people want. One of those companies is Aptera. This California-based car startup is looking to make an EV that gets 1,000 miles of range. Here’s a look at Aptera, its goal to make an EV that gets 1,000 miles of range, and the $40 million in funding it raised to meet that goal. 

A look at what Aptera is

A white Aptera parked in front of an ocean.
Aptera | Aptera Motors Corp.

Like many other startups, Aptera is a company with a dream, and that’s to disrupt the current EV space. It does this in many ways, and the most obvious is its cars design. The car itself is named Aptera and is unique in many ways beginning with its three-wheel design. The company does plan to produce a four-wheel car, but it’s currently focusing on the original three-way design. 

The car is smaller than most and only available as a two-seater. But like any high-tech car, the Aptera is also slated to have some high-tech features, including Level 2 autonomous driving. That being said, one thing that’s really different about the car is its price tag. According to Electrek, the company plans to sell the Aptera EVstarting at about $25,000.

The company has raised $40 million to make their EV

There is a big difference between making a few prototypes and actually getting a production line going. That’s where funding comes in. Electrek wrote that Aptera had already raised about $40 million in funding. Furthermore, Aptera already has about 22,000 reservations for its cars, and that’s significant because those reservations aren’t free. Prospective customers had to pay a $100 deposit to get a reservation for an Aptera.

Many EV startups have suffered significiant setbacks, so the future is still up in the air. However, unlike many other EV startups, the company has an additional advantage up its sleeves. As Electrek wrote, the Aptera is technically classified as an autocycle, so it doesn’t have the same requirements as a regular EV like a Tesla would have. This may ultimately make it easier for the California-based startup to get the car into production. 

Here’s how Aptera wants to accomplish that goal


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The Aptera technically being an autocycle brings another big advantage: efficiency and range. It’s small size and sleek, aerodynamic design make it a very light and efficient EV. Aptera currently plans to offer the EV with different battery options, with the cheapest battery option getting 250 miles of range and the biggest option getting 1,000 miles of range.

On top of that, Aptera says that, with solar panels equipped on the car’s roof, it can essentially be an EV drivers will never have to charge. Electrek wrote that if the panels can get 700 watts, then the Aptera can gain about 40 miles of range just by being outside. There is a downside to prioritizing efficiency and range, though.

Powerful electric motors are a drain on batteries, so the motors available are pretty weak. At best, it can get about 201 hp combined. Because of how electric motors work, this will still allow the car to accelerate quickly, but drivers won’t be able to go very fast overall.