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Drivers can do their part to get the most mileage out of their cars. Careful driving and regular care can keep a vehicle on the road for decades. Several apps exist to help schedule maintenance, diagnose issues and travel safely. Installing one or more of these apps can lengthen the life of your vehicle.

Stay on top of your maintenance schedule like a pro

Proper maintenance is crucial to the longevity of a vehicle. CARFAX Car Care offers an easy way to keep track of maintenance and repairs. Moreover, the app is great for families and small fleets as it allows tracking for up to eight vehicles.

BitKar is one of the most comprehensive automotive maintenance apps available. For example, sers can track services, get repair quotes, book services, and even buy parts through BitKar. The app also includes maintenance cost estimates and a diagnostic troubleshooting tool.

Avoid accidents and traffic without disrupting the soundtrack

A hand grips a smartphone. The screen has a blue background and reads "WAZE" in large, white letters. The Waze logo, a smiling speech bubble on wheels, sits next to the name of the app
Waze app | Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

GPS is now ubiquitous with driving anything. The Waze app provides more than just directions. Its user maps show the locations of road hazards, accidents, checkpoints, and more. Users can share real-time updates with other drivers as conditions change. Most importantly, Waze is compatible with the popular music streaming app Spotify. This app makes it easy to customize notifications and sounds to minimize musical interruption.

A simple tool turns any smartphone into an OBD II

Using a scan tool to diagnose a vehicle shaves hours off of repair times. OBD II scanners are serious tools. However, they aren’t just for mechanics either. Scanners don’t need to break the bank. Drivers can purchase a small device that attaches to their OBD II port then connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This empowers drivers to diagnose their own cars for repair.

Track expenses and save auto receipts

There’s no need to worry about losing automotive receipts with AUTOsist. This app allows users to track automotive service records and upload related documents such as work orders, invoices, and recipes. With AUTOsist, drivers can easily send their service records to others.

Drivvo has features that make generating expense reports a snap. For instance, drivers can track registration, repair, and maintenance costs used to generate graphs to categorize spending visually.

SimplyAuto uses GPS technology to track user’s mileage. This feature automatically gathers data to make expense reimbursement, tax write-offs, and trip tracking a breeze.

Get the best price for reliable repairs

Mechanic Antonio Ramos works on a car | Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Openbay gathers accurate pricing estimates from qualified repair technicians in a specified area. Multiple shops provide their estimates to shoppers. Openbay users can book appointments for service in the app. Detailed logs of each service are stored for convenient record-keeping. The app also offers service reminders.

Track your efficiency and save at the pump

Fuel tracking apps are nothing new. There are dozens to choose from, each with unique features. Firstly, GasBuddy lets drivers track their fuel economy and find service stations on their route. Secondly, the app displays current gas prices updated by users in realtime.

GasTracker+ gives drivers incredible insight into their driving style. The app tracks fill-ups, fuel spending, and milage, but it does so much more than that. GasTracker+ utilizes GPS to track driver patterns and provide feedback on how those habits impact fuel efficiency.

Research reliable car brands

Even Consumer Reports has an app for drivers. Members can bring thousands of reviews and ratings for on-the-go comparison while car shopping. Choosing a car built to last is the first step to making it 200,000 miles.