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Rumors that Apple is trying to break into the auto world have been swirling for a while. Though it’s been involved in vehicles with Apple CarPlay, that’s not enough for the technology company. It wants more.

Apple has neither confirmed nor denied the notion, which only adds fuel to the fire. Now it appears the company is seeking funding for its new venture. So whom did Apple turn to, and what will the Apple car look like?

Is Apple really designing a car?

The Apple logo on a glass-walled Apple store in Hong Kong
An Apple store in Hong Kong | Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

That’s the question heard ’round the world. Given the popularity of Apple CarPlay, Siri Eyes Free, MacBooks, and iPhones, it only makes sense for Apple to branch out.

But the auto industry is not for the faint of heart, which Apple is learning the hard way. Its goal is to create an autonomous electric car. This is a huge undertaking, and Mac Rumors reports the tech giant has been working on the project since 2014. 

It’s been an uphill battle, but Apple seems to have finally hit its stride. Though there’s no sign of a car just yet, the company has a plan to get the funding needed to take the venture to the next level.

Apple turns to South Korea

The Truth About Cars believes Apple is in negotiations with South Korean suppliers for parts. The site points out that would mean Apple is close to production.

This might seem a little odd, as many think Apple isn’t even close to producing vehicles. Of course, the company tends to keep things under wraps until it’s ready for the big reveal, so it’s possible it’s ready to begin manufacturing soon and wants to throw everyone off.

Either way, it seems things are finally moving forward.

“In the past few months, Apple has been reported to have discussed a possible partnership with a wide range of established carmakers. These include Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, BMW, and Canoo. The Hyundai/Kia idea was once presented as if it were almost a done deal, before later being dismissed, though there remains some minor partnership talk,” 9 to 5 Mac reports.

“Now, it seems Apple moved its talks to South Korea as the company had ‘advanced meetings’ with SK Innovation, the EV battery-making of SK Group, and LG Electronics, along with Canada-based auto parts maker Magna International.”

What will the new EV look like?

That’s the question on everyone’s minds. When Apple becomes involved in a venture, it tends to redefine the field. So far, the tech giant has been at odds with Android to see whether Android Auto or Apple CarPlay will come out on top. But what would a rivalry between Tesla and Apple look like?

That seems to be where this is headed, as Apple intends to design an electric vehicle. That’s why it has turned to South Korean companies for help. It hopes to use lithium-ion phosphate batteries produced in South Korea, Mac Rumors reports.

However, the rest of the details are a bit sketchy. Apple wants to design an autonomous vehicle, but that tech seems elusive at the moment. The field has made major strides, but things are still up in the air.

So far, semiautonomous driving features have resulted in car accidents. Some passengers have even died. With that in mind, it only makes sense for Apple to take its time to get its EV right. Even so, many fans doubtless eagerly await more details. 


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