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Your smartphone has replaced many things in your life. This device is more than simply a mobile phone, it’s your calendar, connection to other people, and entertainment. You turn to your smartphone for banking information, email, messages, and health updates. Why not use this device to track your car maintenance?

How do you keep track of car maintenance?

Do you watch the odometer and consult your owner’s manual to determine when you need to visit the mechanic? Once you surpass the miles in the manual, how will you ensure your car is cared for properly? Why not turn your smartphone into your maintenance tracker, complete with reminders?

There’s an app for that

Using your smartphone with a car maintenance app is a great way to keep your car working right.
Person Using Smartphone | Shutterstock

Regardless of what you want to track, you’ll find an app offering an easy way to keep track and monitor various aspects of your life. Here are six apps that work great for tracking car maintenance with that in mind.

AUTOsist is great for fleet or private owners

The interface on AUTOsist is easy to use with the creation of a virtual garage that helps you track everything you need on the app. According to Make Use Of, you can add a single vehicle for free or up to five for a small fee. This app works well for fleet managers or single-car owners. Add the information and begin tracking your maintenance records using this free app.

Is there an app to keep track of oil changes?

A man refills the engine's oil with a funnel and the proper oil
A man refills an engine’s oil | Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

One of the top-rated apps for tracking oil changes is Fuelly. This app is also called aCar, which is the Android version. You’ll find a colorful home screen that makes it easy for you to track your car’s maintenance records. Everything related to fuel is available to track on this app.

Car Care takes the worry out of your car maintenance needs

When you want to track your car’s fuel mileage and service records, the Car Care app is what you need. You’ll receive reminders for tire rotations, oil changes, and car wash and wax reminders to make sure you keep the car looking and running its best.

myCarFax is an app you can trust

Using an app can help you keep track of your car maintenance needs.
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Defensive Driving tells us the myCarFax app makes it much easier for you to stay on top of your car maintenance needs. This app brings records from previous owners and alerts you to recalls and safety information you need. This is a great app to help you keep your car working right.

Drivvo keeps your records organized where you need them

Knowing when to bring your car in for maintenance can sometimes be confusing. Drivvo takes this confusion away by offering an overview of service dates while tracking the next service needed. Enter the records and costs of your service and refueling in this app. These expenses could be important when you fill out your tax return.

Auto Care is great for car maintenance and logging fuel mileage

A fuel dispenser at a gas station pump concerning gas prices and fuel economy
A fuel dispenser at a gas station | Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Some jobs require you to log your miles. This means you need an accurate and easy way to do this. Auto Care is an app that combines maintenance tracking and gas logs to help you keep track of both when you’re behind the wheel. Use the reminders and logs to ensure you have all the information needed at the end of the year.

What routine maintenance should I do on my car?

Are you unsure of what maintenance items you want to put into the app you’re using? Here’s a list of some short-term, long-term, and seasonal maintenance items you’ll want to complete. This list from Bridgestone Tire is a great place to begin.

Short-Term Car Maintenance

  • Oil and coolant checks
  • Air filter
  • Tire pressure and tread depth
  • Headlights, turn signals, brake lights, parking lights
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Tire rotation
  • Wash and wax vehicle

Long-Term Car Maintenance

  • Transmission fluid
  • Transfer case fluid
  • Inspect shocks and struts
  • Coolant fluid exchange
  • Spark plugs
  • Serpentine belt
  • Front and rear differential

Seasonal Car Maintenance

  • Wiper replacement
  • Battery performance check
  • Change tires
  • Check coolant levels

Use the apps and this list to care for your car properly. If you care for your vehicle, it will take care of you with years of excellent driving.