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The Toyota Camry is widely recognized for its reliability, affordability, and range of features, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious car shoppers. While the majority of recent Camry models have lived up to their reputation, there have been a few unreliable years.

A gold Toyota Camry parked on a single lane road at sunset.
Toyota Camry | Toyota via Getty Images

All model years aren’t created equal

It’s essential to note that not all Toyota Camry models are created equal in terms of reliability. While most Camry models offer excellent dependability, there are a few years that have exhibited less reliability than others. Let’s take a closer look at these specific years and the issues associated with them.

It’s important to note that while these specific model years had lower reliability ratings, it does not necessarily mean that all vehicles from these years will experience the same issues. 

However, if you are considering a used Camry from these years, it is advisable to conduct a thorough inspection and potentially seek the opinion of a qualified mechanic to ensure the vehicle’s condition.

Toyota Camry years with lower reliability ratings

A quick glance at resources like the NHTSA and CarComplaints shows the following model years were problematic for the Camry.

2009 Toyota Camry: The 2009 Camry had its share of reliability issues. According to reports, some owners experienced problems with excessive oil consumption, engine issues, and transmission problems. These concerns have impacted the overall reliability rating of the 2009 Camry.

2007 Toyota Camry: The 2007 Camry faced several complaints related to engine problems, specifically regarding excessive oil consumption and engine failure. These issues have contributed to a decrease in the reliability rating for this particular model year.

2002 Toyota Camry: The 2002 Camry also encountered reliability issues, primarily in the form of engine problems. Complaints from owners included engine oil sludge buildup, which affected engine performance and longevity. These issues have contributed to a lower reliability rating for the 2002 Camry.

Common problems for the Toyota Camry

In general, unreliable Camry models have struggled with fuel system issues, brake problems, paint or trim concerns, and potential body integrity issues in older models. Some years have also shown average to poor reliability ratings for the in-car electronics. Additionally, oil leaks leading to low oil pressure warnings have been identified as another major problem in the Camry.

Despite these specific years with lower reliability, the Toyota Camry overall has demonstrated durability and dependability. It’s important to take extra caution with the mentioned key years and possibly consider the Camry models that have proven to be more reliable.