Another VW Golf Recall: What’s Going On Now?

The Volkswagen Golf 8 has had a rocky start so far. In Europe, software problems at launch caused VW to make its first recall of the sedan. Now, another Golf recall is upon us. What’s going on over at Volkswagen?

This time 56,000 Golf 8s are being recalled

A photo of the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R in a studio.
Golf R | Volkswagen

The last recall was for software issues with the emergency call function. This time 56,000 Golf 8s are being recalled over issues with the infotainment system and also reversing cameras. It is being called a “voluntary service measure” whatever that means? 

All of the affected Golf 8s were built up to June 2020. Volkswagen has seen record sales of the Golf 8 in Europe. Sales have been so brisk that the 312,000 Golfs sold last year make it the most popular vehicle in Germany last year. But things like the fully digital cockpit have caused grief for VW. 

Software in general seems to be a challenge for VW

2020 Golf | VW

The software in general seems to be a challenge for VW. The introduction of the all-electric ID.3 last year was delayed for months over software issues. VW assembled thousands of the sedans but did not release them because the software issue wasn’t resolved. The company was depending on over the air software fixes while the initial ID.3 production slowly made its way to dealerships. It is not sold in the US. We get the ID.4.

VW had to double up on Golf recalls in both 2018 and 2019

A white Volkswagen Golf GTI leaves the city.
2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn | Volkswagen

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VW’s previous EV was the E-Golf sedan. E-Golf production ended last year both here and in Europe with the introduction of the ID.3. VW had to double up on Golf recalls having a fix in 2018, then initiating a second recall a year later for the same thing. That one dealt with cars rolling away if the ignition key was removed with the car not secured in Park. 

In that one, almost 700,000 vehicles were affected in 2019. This was besides the almost 34,000 recalled in 2018. Though these recalls were for Golfs in the US, this most recent recall is only for Europe.