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Electric vehicles seem to bring out ambitious companies with ambitious ideas. This week’s new all-electric SUV from an all-new company is the Aehra SUV from Italy that is making big promises. How big? Well, how does a 500-mile range and 800 horsepower sound?

What is the Aehra SUV

2025 Aehra SUV in silver
2025 Aehra SUV | Aehra

There’s no model name for the new Aehra vehicle, it’s simply called the Aehra SUV. A sedan is coming soon. The company in its news release doesn’t give many details on the SUV, however, it does share several quotes about the company’s “courageous approach” to designing a car.

The SUV will have a large, three-meter-long, wheelbase, which is a bit longer than a Toyota RAV4. It’s about 200 inches long, which means it’s about the size of a seven-passenger Highlander. But, the company does say this EV it will have about 800 horsepower and a 500-mile range, though it gives no specifics on batteries or motors. It will cost $160,000 to $180,000, and deliveries are planned for 2025.

Aehra is an Italian EV company

The company has its headquarters in Milan, Italy, which is like Italy’s Detroit and the headquarters of several automakers. It’s privately funded and is promising to bring at least two vehicles to market. The company was launched in the summer of this year. It seems there are dozens of new EV companies trying to come to market, especially in the EV truck market.

Aehra makes a big deal of form, not function

2025 Aehra SUV
2025 Aehra SUV | Aehra

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Aehra is a company of designers, and the company doesn’t make anything. The SUV does have some interesting elements, like its “elytra-like doors,” which we had to google, too. Elytra are the front wings of a beetle, and you can see that in the Lamborghini-like opening of the SUVs doors. Instead of big wings and scoops, the SUV has active aero elements to help it channel air over its sleek body. It will compete with the likes of the Fisker Ocean and the new Lucid Air electric supercars.

The company also says it will use sustainable materials to create it. But, according to Motor Trend, Aehra will not build a factory. Instead, the company will outsource every little bit of the SUV, and its sedan, to outside suppliers to produce it. Given that the company is in Milan, where Alfa Romeo and others are located, the idea doesn’t seem that far-fetched.