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Cupra, or the artist formerly known as SEAT, is considering an entry into the U.S. market. And before you get excited about a new lineup of hot hatches and sports cars available in America, we’re here to shower you in ice water. The European car brand is said to be considering its SUVs for entry to America, and once again, we’re left disappointed.

Cupra Formentor, a European car possibly coming to America
Cupra Formentor | Cupra

Cupra not discussing its hot hatches for the American market

According to CarScoops, Cupra entering the U.S. market isn’t much of a boon for us hot-hatch lovers. Despite the brand’s enticing Leon hatchback, a direct competitor to the GTI and Golf R likely won’t be arriving in America from the European car brand.

Instead, it is considering models like the Formentor and Ateca, both SUVs with admittedly handsome styling. The Formentor uses the same 2.0-liter turbo as the Golf R to great effect, accelerating from zero to 60 mph in under five seconds. It’s an impressive compact crossover that could certainly make waves here in America. The interior styling is handsome as well, blending Volkswagen’s simplicity with Audi’s luxury into a truly alluring package. Overall, it’s not surprising that the Spanish brand wants to sell this thing here. It’s prime fodder for our SUV-hungry public.

Interior of the Cupra Formentor
Cupra Formentor interior | Cupra

Meanwhile, the Cupra Ateca is a more upright SUV when compared to its smaller cousin. American buyers will see a lot of Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Tiguan in the design, and for good reason. As a VW product, the Ateca shares a wealth of its parts with these established German brands. It spits out 300 horsepower and features four-wheel drive capability that are especially fitting for an American market that loves off-road ready SUVs.

It doesn’t take much to think that a Bronco Sport or even 4Runner shopper may check this thing out if it proves its capability early on.

Furthermore, incoming models like the Terramar and Tavascan are bringing the kind of rugged performance that is selling Bronco Raptors and SRT Durangos before they can even be produced.

Should Volkswagen bring this European car brand to America?

The Cupra family of vehicles, a European car brand coming to America
The Cupra lineup | Cupra

Since Cupra fits beneath the Volkswagen banner, it seems confusing to think that it would send another of its sub-brands to America. It’s hard to see why they would want to, considering there is already enough outside competition eating into Volkswagen and Audi sales.

On the other hand, American buyers are yearning for something new. It’s why brands like Genesis and Rivian have hit the ground running so quickly. In that respect, bringing Cupra to America could be a sneaky way to up the Volkswagen Auto Group’s market share without having to develop an entirely new brand.

Importantly, Cupra’s styling is more aggressive and youth-oriented than anything Volkswagen or Audi are doing these days. Bringing this sensibility to an increasingly disinterested population could be a boon for a company that is struggling at the middle of the pack in nearly every category.

The brand already sells its cars in both Mexico and Australia, both markets that closely align with the U.S. Success in those arenas may compel VW to bring Cupra to our shores in the coming years.

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