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It has been a tough week for Rivian. Early this week, it revealed low expectations for increasing production, causing its stock to fall precipitously. Now, Rivian just issued its fourth recall, this time over seatbelt and airbag deployment. This involves almost 13,000 Rivian R1T and R1S vehicles.

The problem is with a sensor located in the passenger seatbelt. These defective sensors either don’t allow the airbag to deploy or slow its deployment during a collision. The NHTSA says it is a risk to passenger-side occupants. 

It describes the faulty component as an automatic locking retractor sensor or ALR. Located in the front passenger seat, it transmits to the system that it is on when it isn’t. This results in what the NHTSA calls “the suppression or improper deployment of the airbag.”

2022 Rivian R1T pickup | Rivian

What does Rivian say?

To drill down, here is what Rivian says about its EV’s latest recall.

“We have initiated a voluntary recall that affects your vehicle. Certain model year 2022 R1S and R1T vehicles fail to conform with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 208 “Occupant Crash Protection.” This notice applies to your vehicle, VIN: x7xxx

What is the problem?

“A sensor in the front passenger seat belt system may incorrectly report its status as “on” when, in fact, it is off. If a passenger is seated in the front passenger seat and this happens, the passenger airbag may not deploy as intended. In the event of a crash that is supposed to deploy the front passenger airbag, the occupant may have an increased risk of injury due to a reduced deployment or lack of deployment.

2022 Rivian
2022 Rivian R1T pickup | Rivian

How many vehicles does this affect?

“The recall affects 12,716 vehicles, however, we believe less than 1% of those vehicles, fewer than 100 vehicles, will require part replacement. While the number of vehicles is very limited, we will always exercise caution when it comes to safety. As of February 27, 2023, we are not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this issue.

What will Rivian do?

“Rivian will offer no appointment necessary visits to Rivian Service Centers and pop-up locations up to 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, to inspect and replace, if necessary, passenger seat belt system components in the affected vehicles. If your vehicle is not brought in for inspection, we will inspect it for this issue at a future service appointment.

2022 Rivian
2022 Rivian R1T pickup | Rivian

How long will the inspection and repair take?

“Inspections take less than 10 minutes. For the very small percentage where part replacement is necessary, the work can be completed in less than 30 minutes during the same visit. This service will be available at no cost to you.

What should you do?

“Information about Rivian Service Centers and pop-up service locations offering expanded hours of operation and service without an appointment are listed on our website. Before your visit, please install the latest software update to your vehicle. If you have further questions, or if you prefer to schedule an appointment, please call Rivian Service at 1-855-748-4265.”


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