An Audi R8 Isn’t Robert Downey Jr.’s Only Exotic Car

Like a lot of celebrities, Robert Downey Jr. has quite the car collection and an Audi R8 isn’t the most exotic car in his fleet. It should be a no-brainer that he does have a special partnership with Audi, considering the brand has collaborated on so many Marvel movies, but Iron Man’s car collection expands a little farther than the four rings. As you can imagine, Robert Downey Jr. does have a lot of cars in his stable, however, here are five exotic cars – aside from the Audi R8 – that we found particularly interesting.

Audi E-Tron GT Concept

Are you surprised to see the Audi E-Tron GT Concept car on here? No? We were, mainly because it’s a concept car, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fully functional. Either way, Robert Downey Jr. does have an exclusive tie with Audi and was able to get his hands on the all-electric exotic car. We would say that he is “lucky,” but when you’re Iron Man, there’s probably no such thing as luck.

A Audi e-tron GT Concept is seen during the Vienna Car Show press preview at Messe Wien
An Audi e-tron GT | Manfred Schmid/Getty Images

Fisker Karma

Ok, now this one is more of a surprise, especially considering the Fisker Karma is a rare sight in anyone’s garage, much less on the public streets. The Fisker Karma is a luxury hybrid car that came out over a decade ago, however, due to some unfortunate incidents including bankruptcies and lawsuits, the Fisker brand went under, and so did the Karma. But leave it to Robert Downer Jr. to have one in his garage. We just wonder if he drives it as much as his other cars.

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silver Karma sedan at sunset
2011 Fisker Karma | Fisker

Acura NSX Concept

Downey Jr. doesn’t have just any old Acura NSX – since we’re sure he can afford a garage full of them – he actually has the Acura NSX concept car that was used for the Iron Man 3 movie. The funny thing is, this NSX Concept actually is just any old NSX, meaning that it was actually a 1991 Acura NSX with 252,000 miles on it, which was restyled by Dave Marek, Honda North America’s Chief Designer, specifically for the movie.

The interior is still stock, aside from the seats, and we’re guessing that the engine components and other parts are, too. If you want to get a little more information about it, check out the video below:

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Ferrari California T

Every fancy car collection has to have at least one Ferrari in it. However, Downey just go with any Ferrari, he surprisingly went with a California T. We’re surprised by it mainly because most collectors would typically either go for something more vintage or possibly more current, like a 488, but Downey instead chose the front-engine, V12 cruiser to be part of the collection. It makes sense, though, considering the California’s subtle and sleek styling fit the actor well.

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a red ferrari california T
Ferrari California T | Ferrari

Nissan GT-R

Love it or hate it, there’s nothing like the pure turbo power of “Godzilla,” better known as the Nissan GT-R. Apparently, Robert Downey Jr.’s taste goes far beyond the supercars of Europe and we don’t blame him, as the GT-R’s 565 horsepower is delivered with such a kick that even Iron Man himself wanted a taste of that every day. Although, we doubt that he actually drives this car every day.

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Nissan GT-R
Nissan GT-R | Nissan

There are many more to choose from

These aren’t the only cars in Robert Downey Jr.’s current car collection, in fact, some sources list over 20 of them. However, it’s safe to say that the actor does have quite the eclectic selection to choose from. We just wonder if he can fit in any of them with the actual Iron Man suit on.