An All-Electric GMC Sierra Could Arrive Sooner Than You Think

The 2021 GMC Sierra fights in one of the most competitive segments in the U.S. auto industry. However, the rise of electric pickup trucks could severely disrupt that. GM’s first electric pickup, the Hummer EV, is slated to arrive sometime in late 2021. Thankfully, Autoblog reports that an all-electric Sierra or Sierra-like truck will join the lineup in the future.

What do we know about the electric GMC Sierra?

As it stands, information surrounding the electric GMC Sierra is quite difficult to come by. We only know of its existence, thanks to a recent interview published by The Detroit Free Press for starters. Lynn Thompson, president of a Buick, GMC, and Cadillac dealership, confirmed the electric truck is on its way. Additionally, Thompson confirmed that the truck would be completely electric, not a hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

As you’d expect, the arrival of an electric GMC Sierra also opens the doors for an electric Silverado. However, there is no info yet on which of the pair will arrive first. In fact, these new trucks may not even be called the Sierra and Silverado. This is because Thompson told The Detroit Free Press that these new trucks could utilize a completely different name once they hit the market. Additionally, they may even get their own unique styling, despite similar proportions to the Sierra.

The differentiation may occur thanks to the different structural needs an electric truck has over an internal combustion-powered one. Since the batteries sit on the floor, there is no need for exhaust cutouts, driveshafts, or other major drive components. Instead, there is a decent chance it will utilize a similar dual-motor setup as the Hummer EV.

Will it share components from the Hummer EV?

A white 2022 GMC Hummer EV climbs a dune
2022 GMC Hummer EV front 3/4 | GMC

While the electric GMC Sierra’s arrival date has yet to be determined, the Hummer EV is already on its way. Given the Hummer’s impressive stats, chances are the new Sierra will benefit from some of its major components. Additionally, the Hummer rides on GM’s BT1 platform and is powered by recently announced Ultium batteries. According to GM Authority, the BT1 platform is a variant of the T1 platform underpinning the 2021 GMC Sierra. As a result, the new Sierra could utilize GM’s electric truck platform since it has already invested some serious cash in developing it.

To get a sneak peek at what may power the GMC Sierra, let’s take a look at the Hummer EV. As of writing, the Hummer EV is available with two electric engine configurations. The first is a dual-motor setup, which yields a max power output of 625 hp and 7,400 lb-ft. GMC also claims it will be capable of at least 300 miles of electric range. The second layout is a three-motor configuration which boasts a max output of 1,000 hp and 11,500 lb-ft. The icing on the cake is the electric range of at least 350 miles. Now it remains to be seen if the Sierra will benefit from these impressive stats.

When will it arrive?

A photo of the GMC Sierra Denali outdoors.
GMC Sierra Denali | GMC

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The greatest unknown surrounding the electric GMC Sierra is its overall timeline. According to Thompson, he is not aware of any official timeline as of his latest interview. However, given that Hummer deliveries are pushed back as far as 2024, it may be a while before we get to see the Sierra. However, if the truck has already begun development, it may just arrive sooner than we expect.