America’s 10 Most Popular Used Cars

The automotive industry is very good about telling observers how well it is doing, with a monthly report noting how many vehicles have been sold. From there, others will use those reports to determine which cars have sold the most, making them the most popular, best-selling, et cetera. However, for used cars, there isn’t the same kind of yardstick.

Fortunately, from its vast bank of used car sales data, the team at was able to use the information from 20 of America’s largest cities to isolate and determine the 10 most popular used cars people search for, as well as the average price paid for each. Judging by these prices, it appears that lightly used cars make up a rather significant portion of the secondary market.

Notably, the percentages are based on the entire used car market — these are just the top 10 models. Unfortunately, data pertaining to the number of units sold was unavailable at the time of writing.

Here are the 10 most popular used vehicles sold, according to data shared with Wall St. Cheat Sheet.


10. Ford Escape

The 10th most-purchased used car is the Ford Escape, which reportedly went for an average price of $17,433. The Escape accounted for about 1.1 percent of all used car sales, according to’s coverage.

2009 Chevrolet Malibu

9. Chevrolet Malibu

Just ahead of the Escape and with the same 1.1 percent used car share is the Chevrolet Malibu. Chevy’s midsize sedan sold for an average price of $15,060.


8. Chevrolet Impala

Beating out its little sibling is the Chevrolet Impala, which actually commands a lower average price point – $13,839 — but has a slightly higher share of the used car market at 1.3 percent. The Impala’s legacy as a fleet favorite is likely a factor in how the sales played out.


7. Toyota Corolla

Toyota’s ever-popular Corolla falls in seventh place, with a 1.6 percent slice of the used car pie. The Corolla was sold for an average price of $13,028.


6. BMW 3 Series

BMW’s entry-level luxury sedan is apparently quite popular on its second-plus time around, as it accounts for 1.8 percent of all used car sales. It runs an average of $24,112 on the used market.


5. Ford F-150

Commanding an average resale price of $22,358, the Ford F-150 runs just a shade less than the BMW, though it shares the same portion of the used car market at 1.8 percent.


4. Honda Civic

Known for reliability and running up the odometer to eye-popping figures, Honda’s Civic is the No. 4 most popular vehicle across the 20 largest cities, selling for an average price of $13,302. The Civic makes up 1.9 percent of the used car market, according to’s data.


3. Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima rounds out the top three with an average selling price of $15,136 in its later life cycles, and it makes up a solid 2 percent of the used car market.


2. Toyota Camry

Second place is awarded to Toyota’s popular Camry and its $15,077 average selling price. Overall, the Camry accounts for 2.2 percent of the used car market.


1. Honda Accord

Finally, in first place is the venerable Honda Accord, which makes up 2.3 percent of the used car market, just ahead of the Camry. Its average selling price is notably close, as well, at $15,017.

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