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  • Billie Joe Armstrong’s 1962 Chevy Nova was stolen
  • The Green Day lead says he’ll even bail out the thief if they’re caught
  • Armstrong said on Instagram “I don’t want anyone to go to jail”

This one sucks. Up until three days ago, I didn’t know Green Day’s lead had a thing for cars. I’ve been listening to Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day since I was a child. And someone stole this dude’s car. It’s genuinely hard to watch someone you look up to lose something they care about. To be more clear, someone jacked Billie’s mint 1962 Chevy Nova. It’s not something most would peg as a boilerplate classic car, but it had some real meaning to Armstrong.

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, owner of a now-stolen 1962 Chevy Nova, on stage last summer
Billie Joe Armstrong doing what he does best | Scott Legato via Getty Images

Billie Joe Armstrong’s 1962 Chevy Nova was stolen

Armstrong took to Instagram on Sunday to ask for some help. He put out a post (below) asking for everyone to keep an eye out for his Nova. Unfortunately, as of the writing of this article, the custom Chevy Nova hasn’t been found. Apparently, this Nova has been either owned by Armstrong or in the “GD (Green Day) family” for nearly 30 years. I did reach out to Billie for some more info, but c’mon. The guy’s got 2 million followers on Instagram and someone jacked his ride. I doubt he even knows he got a message.

So, if you’ve seen this incredibly mint classic muscle car (LP# BPN888) rolling around Costa Mesa, California, please call the Costa Mesa Police Department. The car was parked at a “commercial business” on the 1100 block of Victoria Street when it was stolen on the 4th. Detective Joe Lopez can be reached at 714-754-528 (incident #22-002016). Per the department’s Twitter account, numerous other items were stolen.

Armstrong took to social media to ask for help

Regrettably, the thief also made off with two guitars and a Fender amp in addition to the muscle car. However, the two guitars are pretty unique looking, so let’s hope those get found on the quick. One user says he saw the white Nova on Wallace and Hamilton, but we’re unable to verify the accuracy of that claim. Later, Billie Joe Armstrong made the above post asking for help from his 2 million followers.

Unfortunately, any more info than that is restricted. Costa Mesa PD’s incident report on the theft is restricted to the public. That’s likely due to sensitive info about Armstong being present in the file. If you’re already feeling bad for the Green Day lead, just wait. Later, Armstrong posted a video to his Instagram story asking simply that the car be returned. “I don’t want anybody to go to jail, that sucks. Y’know, just drop it off. Y’know, and if you do get caught, I’ll bail you out, um, I just want my car back.”

The SoCal car scene banded together to get the word out

Thankfully, large voices within the SoCal car scene have reposted and shared Billie’s post. Both The Hoonigans and Emilia Hartford have shared it with their millions of followers. Hopefully, the whole thing gets resolved when the car magically reappears in Armstrong’s driveway. If you stole it, well, at least you can tell people about the time Green Day came to bail you out for grand theft auto.

UPDATE: Bille Joe announced on his Instagram that his 1962 Chevy Nova was returned to him unharmed. However, the stolen guitars and amp were not recovered. It sucks, but I’m willing to bet Armstrong has plenty of them. Here’s to many more happy years with that Nova, Billie!


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