American Families Can’t Have This Lit Lexus Minivan

This Lexus minivan is ridiculous in the best way ever. It’s called the Lexus LM and it’s a luxury minivan made especially for the elite Chinese market. If you are a wealthy business person on a date or the children of a wealthy CEO and you need an ultra-posh ride to private school, the LM was designed just for you. It certainly boasts striking style attributes that we may never understand. It also costs a shocking about of money.

press photo of the side of a black Lexus LM luxury minivan executive vehicle
Lexus LM | Lexus

The Lexus LM is the most lit luxury van we’ve ever seen. The passenger area mimics a first-class airline experience. The entire vehicle is designed and tuned to maximize comfort, offering a product that can go between a relaxing tea room and an office space. It’s the perfect place to brainstorm on the way to the high rise board room, or an impressive space to drink champagne on the way to the opera on Friday night.

2020 Lexus LM

That grille is… well, we’ll call it fancy. That’s a nice way to put it right? And how about those sleek chrome zig-zag details on the side? I don’t know about you, but I think being caught without all that extra on my minivan while being chauffeured around Shanghai is something akin to social suicide. It’s obvious that this van represents wealth and class. But I guess the Chinese market seeks to meet some pretty different demand than the US automotive marketplace. Go figure.

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According to Car and Driver, “this luxury minivan’s face seems to share in (their) reaction to its surely six-figure price tag.” Yes, it’s expensive. And yes, it’s a bit outside the boundaries of American minivan style––if there is such a thing. But to the elite and wealthy Chinese, this van is the stuff of dreams. It can come configured to seat up to seven, though the version with just two luxurious reclining rear passenger seats is incredibly appealing.

interior cabin view of the luxurious white reclining seats of a Lexus LM 300h
Lexus LM 300h interior | Lexus

Does it… go?

“Designed as an ultimate comfort space, the rear cabin features a 26” color display, a refrigerator, umbrella storage, and center console with touch control panel. The panel controls the seat position, relaxation function, climate control and audio for the rear private space.”

rear three-quarter view of the Lexus LM luxury minivan
Lexus LM | Lexus

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Well, who doesn’t need designated umbrella storage? Really, Lexus thought of everything. And all of that comfort controlled by the tip of your soft rich fingers on a touchscreen panel display. Not that many buyers of the Lexus LM executive minivan care about the cockpit and drivability of this chauffeur’s van but––how’s she handle?

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For its luxury six-figure price tag, we’d expect the Lexus LM to have some hidden excitement under the hood. But in fact, the LM 300h is a hybrid with a 2.5 liter Atkinson 4-cylinder drivetrain with a hybrid system. It’s the most practical and efficient city driver you could imagine. The chauffeur won’t be drifting around corners. Rather, the sophisticated LM will keep it low key.

executive recliner seats in white leather in front of an impressive touch screen display
Lexus LM 300h interior | Lexus

Something about the tame drivetrain pairs well with that subtle grille style, doesn’t it? Yeah, we thought so too. Overall, this luxury minivan is a caudling executive chauffeur vehicle that’s here to give its passengers the most lit commute to wherever Chinese business executives need to go.