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Amazon is currently selling a dangerous Tesla Autopilot Buddy accessory. The accessory is one of many devices built to fool Tesla’s Autopilot feature. Here’s how the product could lead to disastrous accidents for consumers who purchase it.

Amazon accessory is designed to trick Tesla Autopilot

A Tesla interior.
Tesla interior | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Tesla’s Autopilot is one of the most misunderstood vehicle features today. Contrary to popular belief, the feature was never designed to allow autonomous driving. It is simply an advanced driver assistance feature that was made to make driving more effortless.

Many consumers have misused the feature and gotten into accidents. Some have even fallen asleep while the feature was activated. The feature’s origins stem from the automaker trying to prevent accidents. Instead, the feature is becoming hazardous.

According to Roadshow by CNET, Amazon currently sells an accessory that makes it easier for Tesla owners to take advantage of the Autopilot feature. The accessory is a weighted device that helps limit hands-off operation warnings in Autopilot Mode. Autopilot is only meant to be used when drivers have their hands on the steering wheel and are actively monitoring the vehicle.

This device enables Tesla drivers to take their attention off of driving. This is dangerous for several reasons. Teslas aren’t actually autonomous despite clever marketing shenanigans by the automaker. Accidents are proving that Tesla Autopilot is actually less skilled at driving than humans. This makes the Tesla Autopilot Buddy accessory incredibly reckless to use.

Tesla Autopilot Buddy accessory could lead to fatalities

The interior of a Tesla Model 3.
The interior of a Model 3 | Tesla

If a Tesla’s Autopilot is fooled by the weighed device or one of its knockoffs, it will warn drivers about the dangers of taking their hands off the wheel less. The Autopilot’s advanced driving skill could lull occupants into a false sense of security. A few moments texting while the Autopilot is distracted by the accessory, and bam! You could injure yourself or others.

Teslas are already getting into accidents when Autopilot is engaged because drivers are distracted. A tool that enables and encourages distracted driving will undoubtedly cause issues. Hopefully, consumers recognize the dangers of this accessory before it results in fatalities.

Is Tesla Autopilot safe?

Tesla’s Autopilot feature is currently under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The investigation comes after Tesla Autopilot has been responsible for many crashes by 2014-2021 models. The models include the Model S, X, Y, and 3.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reports of at least 31 crashes caused by Tesla Autopilot. Autopilot has faced criticism for years, and the accidents span from 2018 to 2021. It seems that the controversial feature isn’t as safe or capable as the automaker presented it to be.

Autopilot should be used with caution if used at all. The feature is being misused and also appears to be malfunctioning when near emergency vehicles due to sirens. Autopilot can be very dangerous, and the Amazon Tesla Autopilot Buddy accessory and its knockoffs can get people killed.


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