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Ah, Prime Day, the perfect day to load up on all the technology most people probably wouldn’t have bothered to purchase on any other day. That being said, Prime Day does offer some exciting deals from time to time. This year’s Prime Day may have come and gone, but the relief or regret of passing up on some of Amazon’s big discounts could last for much longer. So, what is the company’s newest auto accessory, the Amazon Echo Auto, and was it the best deal of Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a shopaholic’s perfect day

Prime Day is about as close to a national or even global holiday as a sale day can come because of how ubiquitous Amazon has become. The company now delivers food and medicine on top of the infinite list of products it offers. Amazon’s appeal has always been its pricing, variety, and speed of delivery.

Amazon Prime is the brand’s unique rewards/perks subscription service. Being a Prime member comes with benefits like free two-day, one-day, and even same-day delivery depending on the product and area it is shipping from. The subscription also includes Amazon’s video streaming service Prime Video, which offers Amazon-exclusive films and shows. Then, there are the savings that come with being a member.

Prime Day is the ultimate savings day for Prime members. It’s the day most members get an offer they can’t refuse. Having enough willpower to deny the tech deals and various knick-knacks is a commendable rarity. The brand has found a way to make Prime Day even more addicting and popular by offering deals on its original products.

Noteworthy Amazon original products include the Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet, and Fire stick streaming device. The company’s most recent hit product is the Amazon Echo, a personal assistant device that includes many smart features designed around making the lives of consumers easier (and more reliant on Amazon).

Amazon’s newest auto accessory: The Amazon Echo Auto

The Amazon Echo Auto.
The Amazon Echo Auto | Amazon

The Amazon Echo has been heavily marketed toward consumers, and it has caught on. Owners use the device to help keep organized and control smart devices through voice. The Echo Auto offers the same experience but brings that organization and convenience to your car. It isn’t Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, but it comes with its own quirky features.

The auto accessory uses the Alexa app to connect users to Alexa from inside their vehicles. Drivers can then use Alexa’s voice control to make calls, set reminders, play music, and check the news, all while driving. Auto Mode turns smartphones into a display for the Echo Auto and reveals helpful easy-touch shortcut features.

Amazon Echo Auto: Deal or no deal?

The Amazon Echo Auto.
The Amazon Echo Auto | Amazon

The device will usually run consumers $49.99, but Prime Day is a magical day. This year, Prime members were able to snag an Echo Auto for just $15. A 70% discount is pretty steep, even for Prime Day. The discount also captures the essence of the Echo Auto. It’s not essential, it is an affordable accessory that could be fun to have, and its low price perfectly represents that.

Knowing that Amazon still profits after such a steep discount does devalue the Echo Auto, but it also brings much-needed attention to the accessory. Its ideal target audience is folks with older vehicles that don’t incorporate the tech that the Echo Auto features. Drivers that have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay could care less about the accessory. Another huge pitfall is its limited compatibility.

The Amazon Echo Auto can bring some older automobiles into the future with Alexa or satisfy fans of the personal assistant that want an Echo around 24/7. The company’s new auto accessory could be the biggest steal for grandma, grandpa, and Alexa lovers, but this huge discount was one most average consumers could afford to miss. Hopefully, next Amazon Prime Day brings some more memorable tech deals.


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