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Alpha Motor Corporation has unveiled a smattering of electric vehicles over the last couple of years. Its latest is this retro Alpha Saga sedan. It looks great and all, but the real question is: Will Alpha ever make anything? Or will it just be rolling out one concept after another? 

Alpha has shown us the Ace coupe, Jax, Wolf pickup, and now the Saga sedan

Alpha Saga EV
Alpha Saga EV sedan concept | Alpha

Last year we saw its Ace coupe, then a lifted version it calls Jax. On the heels of that, it revealed the Wolf pickup. Now it has bestowed upon us the Saga sedan. 

It is a midsize four-door with Hot Wheels proportions and a retro vibe that we like. But, at some point, Alpha needs to pull the trigger. It needs to start making something. Alpha says the reason for its being is “to make electric vehicles more accessible.” So far, everything it has shown is inaccessible. That’s because it hasn’t produced anything. 

The Alpha Saga: Sleek and Adaptive Geometric Architecture

Alpha Saga EV
Alpha Saga EV sedan concept | Alpha

Revealed last week at the LA Auto Show, it joins a chorus of other EV startups with lots to see but nothing to buy. The Saga stands for “Sleek and Adaptive Geometric Architecture.” That adaptive part is to encourage customization. Alpha calls it “an open vehicle architecture for holistic integration of components and technology.” Great!

Two versions will initially be available if they do become available at all. One is a single motor powering the rear wheels. The second version features two motors for all-wheel drive. O-60 times are in the six-second range, while the top speed is 124 mph. A 300-mile range is the goal, with charging from an 85-kWh lithium-ion battery. Alpha says that charging the battery to 80-percent will take an hour. 

The lavish Saga interior blends well with the retro exterior

Alpha Saga EV
Alpha Saga EV sedan concept | Alpha

The cockpit features a digital speedometer and center display. Seats are lavishly upholstered in leather with bolstered seat backs and bottoms. Haptic climate and audio systems finish off inside. 

Pricing will be in the $40,000-50,000 range, but that soon there will be a hatchback version and a performance model. We would expect those to sell for a bit more, once it gets to that point if Alpha ever does. While there is no word on when any of the previously seen concepts might start being made, you don’t have to wait. For just a few grand more you can snag a BMW i4 right now. 

What’s Alpha’s timeline for all of these EV concepts?

Adventure Series Alpha Jax and Ace loaded with rad accessories
The Alpha Ace and Jax | Alpha

With delays and non-production plaguing most of the EV startups at best, and looming troubles for companies like Nikola, Lordstown, and others under scrutiny, skepticism continues to eek into any EV discussions. Development times and costs continue to haunt many of these companies. 

The good news for Alpha is that it’s only been in existence since 2020, and it is privately owned. It expects to see some production in 2023. We hope that it can make that target and we can actually buy some of the fun products we’ve been shown. 


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