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Pickup trucks are some of the most exciting EVs on the market. They’re already racking up sales with huge preorder events. Rugged vehicles built for off-roading have exploded in popularity at the same time. Camping, off-roading, and overlanding have created a demand for adventure vehicles, and the Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak answers that call.

Meet the cheapest electric pickup truck on the market today

A white Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak electric pickup truck with a geodesic tent
Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak | Alpha Motors

Alpha Motors has developed a capable and affordable electric pickup truck. The Wolf+ is expected to have a range of about 275 miles. Dual-motor all-wheel-drive gives the Wolf+ the grit to go off-road. With a maximum towing capacity of 6724 lbs means the Wolf is suitable for light-duty work.

This light-weight electric truck packs some power and quick acceleration, going from zero to 60 in a neat 5.6 seconds. Built-in battery heating and cooling mean consistent performance in all climates. Alpha lists rapid charging as a feature of the Wolf+, but a specific charging time has not been estimated.

The Wolf+ seats 4 adventurers. The truck has 40 cubic feet of gear storage. The wide center display and digital instrument readouts give this truck’s cab a modern feel. The Wolf+ will be a comfortable and capable electric truck.

A Heimplanet collaboration creates an overlanding experience

The Alpha Wolf+ is a solid adventure machine on its own. Add a lightweight, roomy and practical tent, and it’s an instant campsite. Setting up camp in a truck bed means there’s secure storage and plenty of power close at hand.

German outdoor equipment Heimplanet makes some of the most exciting camping gear on the planet. In collaboration with the California-based automaker Alpha Motor Company, they’ve designed a striking truck bed tent. The geodesic structure turns the electric pickup into the ultimate camping setup.

The truck bed becomes fully enclosed and can be used as a sleeping platform. Dual entry through wide doorways makes the domed structure easy to enter and exit. Its rainfly is mad with Rip-Stop polyester. A maximum height of 91 inches means even the tallest campers will be comfortable in this roomy space.

Alpha Motor Company offers more than trucks

The two-door coupe Ace is one of the most visually striking modern cars. Some have compared it to a cartoon or a famous game piece. The Ace has a respectable range of 250 miles. It accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 6 seconds. Alpha’s Ace has a modern and stylish interior.

The 250-mile range Jax is a rugged 4×4 SUV. This off-road-ready vehicle is outfitted with a roof rack for outdoor gear. This SUV is slightly slower than its siblings, going from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Dual motor all-wheel-drive makes this 4×4 as of-road ready as the Wolf+.

Off-road electric vehicles are set to take over a fair share of the market. They capitalize on two current trends, EVs and outdoor-based traveling. Alpha’s collaboration with Heimplanet in the Cloudbreak brings together the two worlds beautifully in a truck that can easily serve as a daily driver or light work vehicle.


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