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Car consigned at CNC

Almost 50 Say This Supercar Dealer Sold Their Cars and Kept All the Money

Dozens and dozens of consignees have prompted the California DMV and local police to open an investigation into CNC Motorcars in Upland, California. Claims of cars sold out from under owners, loan payoffs not being paid, no titles, missing cars, and more paint an ugly picture of what can go wrong trying to sell an exotic car.

Walking into CNC Motors, you were awash in a bath of exotic and just plain expensive vehicles of all sorts. Most being of the supercar variety, CNC had a rep as on the inside of the car scene. Though Upland, California, is not where one expected an exotic car dealer to be located, in the middle of Moreno Valley as opposed to Beverly Hills or the Bay Area, you forgot what city you were in once inside the exotic dealership. But now there are lots of horror stories coming from owners of vehicles consigned to CNC.

exotic car dealership showroom
A blade silver 2017 McLaren Automotive Ltd. | Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There are lots of clients saying they consigned their cars to CNC only to have them sold with CNC keeping the money. Basically, their cars were sold out from under their noses. And the car owners are pointing a finger at CNC owner Clayton Thom according to The Drive

Mercedes SUV consigned at CNC | CNC
Mercedes SUV consigned at CNC | CNC

The California Department of Motor Vehicles and Upland Police opened investigations

Last week the California Department of Motor Vehicles and Upland Police opened investigations into the allegations. And at least one lawsuit has been filed against CNC by an angry buyer. Missing in all of this are the cars, titles to cars, money, and any contact or explanation from Thom or CNC. 

The only thing to surface since things started going upside down last October is an “exclusive” video posted on YouTube. In it, Thom goes into a rather oblique speak related to COVID-19 and other less convenient scapegoats. He also promises everything will be great in just a matter of weeks. 

Things can and did get really twisted.  Like multiple personal loans at different banks on the same car, lost titles, no bank payoffs for sold vehicles, CNC payoff checks bouncing-you know, typical scammer stuff. Legal quagmires were becoming the norm over every sale. 

Almost 50 people came forward looking for cars, titles, or payment

Car consigned at CNC
Car consigned at CNC | CNC

And more people started coming out of the woodwork with their own CNC horror story to add. Soon there were almost 50 people who came forward looking for their cars, or titles, or payment from Thoms. The most recent lawsuit encapsulates what many says has happened to them. 

 “Alegra has since discovered that Defendants are participating in a scheme whereby Defendants Thom, Firmapaz, and other employees of CNC obtain luxury vehicles to consign for various consignors,” the complaint reads. “Defendants then find purchasers to purchase the vehicles (like Alegra). The purchasers then purchase the vehicles from Defendants. However, the Defendants do not pay the consignor their money after the sale. Thereby leaving the bonafide purchasers without the title to their vehicles, rending their newly purchased vehicles useless.”

Some of these sold vehicles are now being offered for sale again

Even worse, some of these sold vehicles in CNC’s possession are now being offered for sale again. After seeing this latest twist the firm behind the lawsuit filed an emergency injunction a month ago which reads in part, “On April 06, 2021, Alegra became aware that CNC Motors attempted to sell this same rare Vehicle for $249,999. It is worth noting that the CNC Motors’ website specifically designates when a vehicle is sold or pending, and the CNC Motors’ website does not designate Alegra’s Vehicle as either “sold” or “pending sale”. Ultimately, CNC  Motors is attempting to sell the rare Vehicle for which Alegra: (i) has paid $225,000, (ii) is currently in possession of; and (iii) does not have a title for. Setting up a situation where without immediate Court involvement and intervention, CNC Motors and their agents could attempt to deceive another innocent party, collect money on the Vehicle, and create a situation where multiple people are fighting over the same rare Vehicle (that may be difficult to obtain anywhere else), while CNC Motors [has] profited off of the sale multiple times.”

Consignees refuse to leave CNC until they get their car or payment

Upland Police have had to intervene when consignees refuse to leave CNC until they either get their car or payment. Police have had to escort them off of the property. Consignees are becoming desperate and more alleged victims keep coming forward with similar stories. 

Until last October it seems like CNC had a spotless reputation. Then, everything collapsed. While we have little to advance in the way of advice, we can say be extra vigilant when buying or selling your car these days. 


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