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A man in Stoneham, Massachusetts, drove his black Cadillac through the front window of a liquor store. While that may seem pretty crazy, the crazy hasn’t even begun to show itself yet. While it doesn’t seem that he stole this black Cadillac he still “drove it like he stole it,” and used it as a battering ram.

news camera footage showing black Cadillac crashed into a liquor store
Man drives Cadillac into the liquor store | WCVB via YouTube

The liquor store closed? No problem. Give me a second….

Ok. So, a man drives his Cadillac through the front door of a liquor store. This wasn’t just any random person; this happened to be 54-year-old John Bacigalupo, a man with alleged mob connections. In fact, he was even convicted in a murder trial back in 1996 for which he spent 13 years in the Big House. 

While things may seem to be heating up with the whole mob connection, the real insanity is just getting started. According to CarScoops, Bacigalupo exited his Cadillac inside the liquor store clearly feeling fine because he helped himself to some beers, a bag of chips, Whiskey, and even smoked a cigar before the police arrived. 

I guess that’s one way to rob a liquor store

Stoneham police told CBS Boston that they were initially called to the store for a report of a burglary alarm. Upon arrival, they saw the car crashed into the store and located Bacigalupo inside, near the cash registers, smoking his cigar. 

Once the police confronted Bacigalupo, the alleged former mobster instructed the police to shoot him because he had a gun and motioned to his waist. Despite his threat and pleading, the police did not shoot him. Instead, they chose to use non-lethal force and tased him. Even after being tased, he fought the police and hit an officer in the face. Finally, the police, still choosing not to shoot the convicted murderer, cuffed him and got him into the squad car

According to CarScoops, as a result of his late-night party at the liquor store, Bacigalupo now faces charges of breaking and entering, assault and battery of a police officer, theft under $1,200, and more. Bacigalupo, who previously served 13 years for murder, is now being held on $100,000 bail. 

What happened to the liquor store? 

Thankfully the damages weren’t too extensive, and after a couple of weeks, the store is back open. In fact, the liquor store owners seem to have a good outlook on the whole thing. They seemed to almost think it was kind of funny. 

“Our overnight ‘drive-thru’ renovation didn’t go as planned, so we will have a delayed opening on Saturday, January 8th, and ask that you bear with us while we have our store repaired,” Rapid Liquors said on a Facebook post that is no longer public, according to CarScoops. 

How’s the Cadillac? 

Well, by the looks of things, the store made out better than the Caddy. It is fitting that the mobster used a Cadillac as his weapon of choice when knocking over a liquor store, a black Cadillac no less. 

It would seem that the mobster will have plenty of time to figure out if the late-night liquor store party for one was worth the squeeze. Given his previous conviction, something tells me he’ll have more than enough time to think about it. 


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