All You Need Is the Base Bronco: Forget All Of the Rest

Now that we’ve all had a bit to digest the Bronco and Bronco Sport news dump we are now free to ponder the possibilities. All of these new names like Badlands and Black Diamond; how will we ever remember what they are? And what’s better? What’s not? Ahh, but all of that is unnecessary. When you look past all of the noise and gimmicks, if you want a new Bronco all you need is the base Bronco-forget all of the rest. 

At $29,995 for the most stripped, basic Bronco you get a ton of features. What’s missing like 37-inch tires, bead lock wheels, and other impressive off-road necessities you can get from the aftermarket. And some that you can’t like the windows in the doors, there are alternatives.

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Adding more stuff doesn’t always make it better

2021 Ford Bronco kicking sand in the desert

Specifically, as related to those window-things in the doors; that’s what the base removable and stow-able doors are for. If you need to see down there, whatever is down there, you’ll be better able to see with the doors removed. Not to mention having those window thingies bonked into the doors looks like you’re trying too hard. Have you ever put too much hot sauce on your Menudo? Or too much salt on your T-bone? Adding more stuff doesn’t always make it better.

The most striking thing about the base price versus the top Bronco model, which is the First Edition, is that going from one to the other doubles the price you pay. That’s right, a loaded two-door Bronco is $60,800. Plus, you can’t get it anyway as within hours of being available to reserve the 3,500 First Edition Broncos have sold out. 

Bronco was a stripped-down host for customizing to suit your off-road adventures

2-door and 4-door 2021 Broncos

So spend less to get more. The euphoria swirling around the 2021 Bronco is missing a key point. The Bronco was supposed to be a stripped-down host for customizing to suit your off-road adventures. With some of the stuff being offered the Bronco is laden with tech and unnecessary baggage. Seven models with four content packages are almost too much to comprehend. Make it simple, 

We would love to see a 2021 Bronco with roll-up windows, no air conditioning, less tech, and maybe-dare we say, a V8. A real stripped down off-road warrior that you’re not so invested in. Something you’re not afraid to tear around some challenging terrain. On those rare occasions you might need a spotter, one of your passengers will work just as well as the optional fancy cameras mounted around the new model. Stuff like that you don’t really need.

Basics are already baked into the Bronco

A yellow 2021 Bronco climbing some intense boulders
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford Media

The basics are already baked into the Bronco. Short overhangs, ground clearance, rollbar, boxed frame; whether the base model or First Edition all of them have these features. The other stuff is just stuff. The modular top and window in the doors only add weight. 

Here’s all we would get from the aftermarket  before blasting off to Baja: go for some large wheels and all-terrain tires, buy a big winch, add some necessary lighting, maybe add a roof rack, load it up and head on out. With these basic mods you get improved traction, a winch to bail you out of tough jams, extra lights to help you see, and a roof rack for camping gear and other supplies.

Don’t forget: you’ll never go wrong spending less when you start with a strong foundation. The base 2021 Bronco is that strong foundation. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Go for low and fly high.