All This Toyota Tacoma Overlanding Trailer Needs Is 10 Minutes

The Toyota Tacoma is a much-loved pickup truck by consumers. Its reliability and ability to stay with the times through mild updates means that buyers have been lining up to buy copies for decades. Consequently, many off-road-minded individuals choose Tacoma as the platform to build an off-road rid to go overlanding. But, building up their trail rig may not be necessary. It seems that Toyota itself is providing a solution, with a new trailer. We covered the idea stage for the product before. Now we have the details from the official press release about the finished product.

The TRD-Sport Trailer

Fully deployed TRD-Sport Trailer at night from Toyota
TRD Sport Trailer introduced for SEMA 2020 | Toyota

In a press release this morning, Toyota officially introduced “a creative ‘basecamp’ solution concept vehicle allowing overlanding explorers to quickly set up camp and then continue on their remote adventure.” That’s fancy-speak for a rugged trailer that has everything on overlander would want, including quick set-up.

According to Ed Laukes, group vice president – Toyota Division Marketing, “Given Toyota’s solid off-road credentials and reputation, we thought it would be really cool to create the ultimate overlanding companion to our pickup and SUV lineup.” So, they set off to create the Toyota TRD-Sport Trailer build. Of course, it starts with the trusty TRD Tacoma pickup bed.

As with any overlanding build, maximizing the use of space was critical for the project. But, many things need to be included to make the build a successful basecamp trailer for overlanders. For starters, the given space of the Tacoma bed trailer needed modifications to include the basics, as well as creature comforts. For example, amongst the list of things the trailer includes are a stove, refrigerator, propane, hot water, a generator, a shower, a tent, and the ability to carry gear. But, the end product went way beyond that.

The Toyota trailer has more than the basics

The rear of the TRD-Sport Trailer from Toyota has a swing away bumper with a spare tire and gas can attached.
TRD Sport Trailer introduced for SEMA 2020 | Toyota

The press release goes on to say that through working with Cabella’s and Bass Pro Shop, the build now includes,

“the TRD-Sport Trailer was properly equipped with important outdoor gear like fishing poles, tackle, and nets; waders and wading boots; coffee mugs, cookware, and other essentials. When fully deployed, the TRD-Sport Trailer creates a campsite with ample room, and to illuminate the surroundings, the team added multiple RIGID A-Series Accessory LED Lights that pack a powerful punch while drawing an extremely low amount of power. When lower light is needed, say for stargazing, explorers can switch to lower-level lighting thanks to multiple Yakima SunBelt light strips.

The rear bumper has a swing-away attachment that houses a spare tire and an extra gas can. The bed itself deck storage with a scissor-lift tent base. When lifted, that base supports not only the four-person tent, but also two canopies that can extend for shade to those sitting below. Toward the front of the Tacoma trailer bed, there is a slide-out shelf for a two-burner stove and fridge. On the opposite side, there are modifications to allow for the shower and toilet.

The Toyota swiss army knife multitool trailer


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The TRD-Sport Trailer seems to be pretty extensive in its provisions for off-roaders. But, off-roaders won’t use things that take too long to set-up. There has to be ease of usage. So, how does this trailer measure up? In the videos, Toyota claims everything is deployable in 10 minutes.

In essence, this Toyota Tacoma trailer is the swiss army knife multitool for overlanding. Any off-roader would be proud to have this in their garage. The TRD-Sport Trailer does indeed have the necessities and some luxuries for a basecamp. The only things missing are a favorite pet, family, friends, a stary night, and pricing. As of yet, no word has been released as to when production will begin, or what price point the trailer will be aiming for. Keep in mind that this is a SEMA concept trailer. Not everything that makes it to SEMA actually goes into production. So, consumers will have to wait and see if any further news comes from Toyota.