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It is no secret that Porsche has some big plans for its electric lineup in the future. Details about this all-electric Porsche 911 have been a better-kept secret. What do we know so far about the electric Porsche 911?

Will there be an all-electric Porsche 911?

The all-electric Porsche 911 rumors
A Porsche 911 on the assembly line | Porsche

There are plenty of people discussing the electric Porsche 911, no matter which publication you choose. Except for Porsche. A recent Electrek article indicated that Porsche was working with a company named QuantumScape to develop a solid-state battery for the project. What else has the rumor mill given us about the 911 EV?

If this battery production works out, Porsche would be able to use it in a variety of new electric vehicles. Porsche already has the all-electric Taycan, which managed to sell almost 41,296 units in its first year of sales. The Taycan EV outsold the conventional gasoline-powered Porsche 911 for 2021, which racked up 38,464 units sold.

Volkswagen owns Porsche, and Volkswagen has a large stake in the US-based QuantumScape. An article in Germany’s Manager Magazine actually mentions the all-electric Porsche 911 and says it is already in production. QuantumScape has been developing a lithium metal solid-state battery that would be used in the electric 911.

“The future of Porsche is electric”

Volkswagen has invested more than $300 million in the company since 2018. While the Taycan has been a good start, the next electric Porsche on the list is likely the Macan. Recently, CNBC reported that it anticipates 80% of its global sales to be electric by 2030. That number was bumped up recently, thanks to the sales of the electric Porsche Taycan.

CNBC suggests a hybrid 911 might be in the mix before an all-electric Porsche 911 hits the dealership. “That compares with previous plans for that amount of sales to be a mix of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which include internal combustion engines with battery technologies.”

However, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume was quoted as saying, “The future of Porsche is electric.” Blume suggested a flexible engine strategy for internal combustion engines, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids. While an electric Porsche 911 didn’t seem possible in this lifetime, times have changed. Plus, the automaker already has the Porsche Mission R. This is a new electric vehicle focused on a passion for racing that has two motors producing 1,088 hp (800 kW) and an 80 kWh battery.

Solid-state battery technology would change the EV as we know it

The solid-state battery technology that QuantumScape is not just a big deal for the 911. This new battery time could completely change and revolutionize the electric vehicle. Batteries would be able to charge at ultra-quick speeds, and the range for an EV with this type of battery would be longer than most long-range models on the market now. Plus, this battery technology would not be as susceptible to fires. There are drawbacks to consider, but solid-state batteries will likely be the future.

Given the success of the Porsche Taycan EV and the recent vow to increase global electric vehicle sales, the all-electric Porsche 911 might come to fruition sooner than later.


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