All-Electric 1962 Chevy E-10 Pickup 2019 SEMA Show

Chevy has stepped up to vehicle electrification in the aftermarket with the E-10 Concept 1962 Chevy pickup truck. Debuting at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, it features Chevy’s all-electric crate propulsion package. In other words, it’s spotlighting an electrification package you can replace your internal combustion engine and driveline with. Engine swapping has been at the core of the aftermarket from the beginning, but not like this.

2019 SEMA Chevy E-10 Concept 1962 Chevy Pickup | GM-00
2019 SEMA Chevy E-10 Concept 1962 Chevy Pickup | GM

The power system produces 450 hp utilizing two “eCrate” electric motors and two 400-volt batteries. The two motors bolt up to a conventional 4L75E four-speed automatic transmission currently available in numerous GM vehicles. The electric pickup’s complete package is made from components from the Chevy Bolt EV. So, just as Chevy does with its crate engine program it is doing with EV power components.

For decades Chevy has offered various engines from its production vehicles for the aftermarket. At the volume to which it manufactures internal combustion engines, it can offer new crate engines very competitively.

Bed Contains Two Bolt Batteries

2019 SEMA Chevy E-10 Concept 1962 Chevy Pickup | GM-00
2019 SEMA Chevy E-10 Concept 1962 Chevy Pickup | GM

With the E-10 pickup, you may be seeing the future of both vintage vehicles and the aftermarket as a whole. The bed of the truck contains two production Bolt EV battery packs. Each one can produce 60 kWh of energy for a combined 120 kWh. Its 0-60 time is right at five seconds with quarter-mile times around 13-seconds.

It performs like a hot rod with those numbers, but it won’t sound like a hot rod. Oh, wait. Yes, it does. Packaged into the concept truck are three “sound emulator” speakers to simulate the sounds of a Chevy V8. No, we’re not kidding.

V8 Engine Sounds Included

Not only that, but there are five different engine choices or “modes” one can select for its preferred sound. So, you can choose an LS7, a race version of the LS7, a small-block V8, or what Chevy calls a “futuristic” sounds. As the transmission changes gears, the sound will mimic the engine RPM changes, too. 

2019 SEMA Chevy E-10 Concept 1962 Chevy Pickup | GM-00
2019 SEMA Chevy E-10 Concept 1962 Chevy Pickup | GM

No range figures are available, but Chevy says it will offer a variety of EV products with different ranges and power for enthusiasts’ different priorities in the coming years. 

“The E-10 Concept builds on the experience and momentum generated by last year’s eCOPO Concept, taking the idea of a crate electric propulsion system further by leveraging actual production components,” says director of Performance Variants, Parts and Motorsports Russ O’Blenes. “It’s all still in the testing stage, but this concept brings the electric option for hot rodders much closer to reality.”

Reimagining A 1962 Chevy C10

As for the pickup concept, a lot has been done that reimagines what a 1962 Chevy C10 pickup truck is. A rolled pan with painted stock grille starts the modifications upfront. An illuminated Chevy bowtie resides in the center of the grille. 

The air openings and parking lights originally part of the hood have been eliminated. The rear wheel openings have been altered to match the front wheel openings. Around back a diffuser-type lower pan houses the license plate. The tailgate has been modified, with stock taillights retained for a familiar touch. 

The whole truck has been substantially lowered rolling on large alloy wheels. A custom hard tonneau cover hides the bed and its EV contents.

Inside is an abundance of leather, along with a digital display monitoring the electric system for the driver to see. In all the concept was intended for the SEMA aftermarket crowd, but will be just as welcome at most any show it attends.