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Working from home has its luxuries since you don’t have to show up to a physical office and worry about being exposed to any harmful viruses. But what if you want to work remotely, without having to actually be “at home?” In that case, Airstream has you covered with its latest camper floorplan that is quite literally an office on wheels.

The Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office

Have you ever wanted a corner office with a grand view? Well, your boss might not give it to you, but if you can afford the new Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office, then you’ll get your corner office and any view that you want. As CNET noted, Airstream took its existing Flying Cloud 30FB corner bunk model and replaced the twin corner bunks with a corner desk and fixed chair. The result is an untethered office space that you can literally take anywhere that the silver camper can go.

The Airstream Flying Cloud Office
The Airstream Flying Cloud Office | Airstream

However, the rest of the layout is the same as you would expect from Airstream. There is a queen-sized bed, a nice bathroom, and a spacious kitchen complete with a stove and microwave. And while the new office space did take away some of the sleeping areas, there are still plenty of places for your family and friends to hunker down for the night. They can even sleep in the U-shaped dinette area if need be.

Additionally, there are USB ports to be found all over the place and there’s even a 1,000-watt power inverter as well as overhead cabinets with dry-erase surfaces in case your kids want to be artistic while on the road.

The Airstream Flying Cloud Office desk area
The Airstream Flying Cloud Office desk area | Airstream

You can even inject your own personal style

Just like other Airstream layouts, the Flying Cloud 30FB Office comes in neutral colors so that you can inject your own personal sense of style, should you feel the need to do so. The brand has always been known for producing durable products that allow for the flexibility of adding your personal tastes and this camper is no exception.

Additionally, the Flying Cloud is 30 feet long, has two axles, and is able to sleep up to six people. That’s a great solution should you need a spare office and guest house behind your house, or if you want to use it for an extended getaway while still being to conduct your business in a home away from home.

The Airstream Flying Cloud Office has plenty of sleeping areas
The Airstream Flying Cloud Office has plenty of sleeping areas | Airstream

How much does the Airstream Flying Cloud Office cost?

In true Airstream fashion, the Flying Cloud Office is not cheap and will cost you $107,500 before you add any additional accessories. Also, the camper weighs 7,000 pounds, so you’ll need to have a vehicle that can tow it.

And while that’s a pretty penny to spend for a mobile office, just remember that Airstream campers are built to last and this remote workspace, when put in a great location, could be infinitely better than that boring office cubicle that you once spent your workdays in.


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