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It’s arguably best known for its retro aluminum trailers, but that’s not all Airstream offers these days. The company also has a line of camper vans, the Airstream Interstate models, based on the Mercedes Sprinter. And recently, that line gained one more member. For those interested in a spot of overlanding or off-roading, Airstream offers the Interstate 24X.

The Airstream Interstate 24X: a Class B camper van that builds on the off-road creds of a Mercedes Sprinter 3500

A silver-and-black Airstream Interstate 24X with its awning extended
Airstream Interstate 24X | Airstream

Airstream’s Interstate camper van lineup has two main models: the Interstate 19 and the longer Interstate 24. And up until now, the latter offered two trim levels, the 24GL and the 24GT. Like the Interstate 19 and the special-edition Tommy Bahama model, they were primarily designed around traveling on paved roads. The Airstream Interstate 24X, though, lets the Class B van hit the dirt. Or mud, sand, gravel, etc.

An Airstream Interstate 24X starts as an extended-cab Mercedes Sprinter 3500 XD with a 170” wheelbase, MotorTrend explains. That ‘XD’ part refers to the van’s dual-rear-wheel configuration. And while 24Gs have optional 4WD, the 24X is built on a Sprinter 4×4, so it gets standard 4WD.

Although the 2021 Mercedes Sprinter has a four-cylinder turbodiesel powertrain, the Airstream Interstate 24X uses the 2020 model’s 3.5-liter turbodiesel V6. It’s rated at 188 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque and comes with a seven-speed automatic. And it gives the 24X a 5000-lb towing capacity.

4WD isn’t the only off-road-friendly feature the Airstream Interstate 24X offers, though. It has height-adjustable air suspension, Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires, and a 42” LED light bar. The wheels, bumpers, and side panels have a protective coating to resist scrapes and scratches. And if the light bar’s not enough, the van has several side and rear LED pods and an LED strip on the power patio awning.

This camper van has all the comforts of home

The interior of an Airstream Interstate 24X as viewed from the front
Airstream Interstate 24X front interior view | Airstream

Speaking of the power awning, the Airstream Interstate 24X is still a modern camper van. That means the Sprinter chassis gets packed with a wide variety of wilderness-welcome tech.

The 24X comes standard with an onboard LPG-powered 2.5-kW generator, a 400-W solar panel system, a 2000-W inverter, and two 100-Ah lithium-ion deep-cycle batteries. This all helps power the USB charging outlets, the dimmable ceiling lights, the Resonado audio system, and the 5G-ready antenna. Plus, the 24X comes pre-wired for TVs and satellite dishes.

The rear view of the interior of an Airstream Interstate 24X loaded with gear and personal items
Airstream Interstate 24X rear interior with gear | Airstream

But that’s just the start. The Airstream Interstate 24X has a 13,500-BTU A/C unit, a two-burner stove, a fridge/freezer combo, a sink, a microwave, and both a furnace and a water heater. Those last two are also designed with high-altitude operation in mind, The Drive notes. However, the water heater isn’t just for the sink: the 24X has a proper bathroom. And as for water storage, the van has a 23-gallon fresh-water tank, a 24-gallon gray water tank, and an 11-gallon black water tank.

As standard, the Airstream Interstate 24X seats six passengers with sleeping space for two. But the van’s interior is configurable, with multiple bed options and a modular table system, Car and Driver explains. It’s also upholstered in marine-grade Simtex fabric, though the two front captain’s chairs get faux leather. And if you need somewhere to secure or hang your gear, the 24X’s L-Track system runs along the ceiling, walls, and floor.

How much does the Airstream Interstate 24X cost?

The Interstate 24X is now available to order from Airstream dealers, though deliveries won’t start for several weeks. But getting one won’t be easy on your wallet. Before options, the van starts at $213,850.

To be sure, you can build a camper van for significantly less. And there are some cheaper off-road-focused options, such as the Storyteller Beast Mode. However, Airstream’s Sprinter build offers a few more luxuries. Plus, how many $214K homes can drive on- and off-road?

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