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While we’ve been hearing bits news about the Tesla semi-truck for the last few years, it looks like we might actually see an entirely produced unit on the road in the near future. What can we expect from them, and how much will one cost?

The Tesla Semi-Truck is finally ready to hit the market

A white Tesla semi-truck parked in an indoor area with blue lights in the background.
Tesla semi-truck | Getty Images

Tesla’s semi-truck was initially set to roll out back in 2019, but due to battery shortages, it was pushed back to this year while the company focused on getting other models ready to go. Now the time has finally come, and Tesla is opening its preorder shop. 

While the brand initially wanted to be the first one to offer an all-electric semi-truck, Tesla was beat out by Nikola, who recently introduced its Tre model. So, trucking companies have been able to order a semi with a battery-electric powertrain for the last few weeks. 

According to The Driven, the Tre is said to get over 36 mph (58 km/h) while going up a 6% grade. When it comes to the driving range for the truck’s battery, you’ll get around 349 miles (563 km). 

Tesla’s model is reported to go approximately 300 or 500 miles of range, depending on which version you get. As for how fast it can go up a 5% grade, you can expect to get about 60 mph.

How do you go about ordering a Tesla semi-truck?

For those wanting to get their hands on Tesla’s semi-truck, there’s a specific preorder process you’re asked to adhere to. First, you’ll need to decide which model you want, which will either be the standard or the extended range version. 

The standard model, the one that gets you around 300 miles of range, comes at an approximate price of $150,000. If you choose the extended range one, you can expect to pay about $180,000. When you’ve chosen your version, you will need to pay a $20,000 fee to reserve it. 

Those who are really interested in buying will then pay $5,000 immediately and arrange to have the rest wired over within the next 10 days. If you’re purchasing more than one model, there will need to be a $20,000 deposit for each one you order. 

What will the Tesla semi-truck offer?

One of the most anticipated features of the truck is the brand’s famous Autopilot. This is said to help truckers with driving fatigue, but Tesla reiterates that the feature is not a fully autonomous driving vehicle, so drivers will still have to stay alert during the drive. 

Another way the semi-truck will aid drivers is its central driving position, which helps truckers with visibility and offer more control. The driver will also have two screens provided to them in the cabin area, and they will flank them on both sides. These displays will help the driver gain an understanding of what’s going on around them, eliminating blind spots that could lead to disastrous collisions. 

When it comes to acceleration times, this semi should go from 0 to 60 mph in 20 seconds, which isn’t bad for a hefty-sized truck. Also, the added weight of 80,000 lbs on the trailer won’t affect the speed either. If you think these specs aren’t that amazing, you might want to think again because the famous Pepsi brand ordered a fleet of 15 of them just last year. 

The Tesla semi-truck promises not only to cut the costs of fueling traditional trucks but it will help the environment by reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. What more could you ask for in a semi?


Tesla is Building an Electric…Semi-Truck?