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For the most part, sports cars are a depreciating asset. They rarely gain value over time, outside of halo-models or high-end supercars. With that in mind, savvy shoppers may want to find a sports car better at holding value than the rest. Those shoppers will want to check out the Subaru BRZ.

A silver Subaru BRZ will hold its value better than other models.
The latest Subaru BRZ | Subaru

Those familiar with the Subaru BRZ will already know that it is a sibling of the Toyota GT86. However, that model doesn’t have the same ability to hold its value as its Subaru twin. Either way, the Subaru BRZ is a compelling choice for enthusiasts for various reasons. That high demand allows the compact sports car to hold its value better than the competition.

The BRZ’s versatility helps it hold value as a sports car

The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah has described the Subaru BRZ as a sports car that is “almost done”. In other words, it is an excellent platform for an auto enthusiast to build upon, with myriad options in nearly every direction.

The rear-wheel drive architecture makes it an affordable choice as a beginner drift build. The BRZ sits on relatively narrow tires, making it easy to break traction and hang the back end out. It allows this at fairly pedestrian speeds, so it’s easy for beginner drifters to hone skills with less danger. Just don’t expect a drift-built BRZ to hold its value once it’s time to upgrade.

Alternatively, the Subaru BRZ is a stable and balanced platform for track day and autocross builds. Its relatively low weight means it is chuckable even in its stock form. When modified with hardcore suspension, lightweight wheels, and sticky race tires, the BRZ provides seemingly limitless grip.

Even those simply after a fun daily driver can enjoy the Subaru sports car. It’s comfortable and more upscale than its Toyota sibling, with enough headroom for taller drivers to get comfortable. The BRZ also offers enough trunk space for weekly shopping. Altogether, these factors make the small Subaru a desirable used car, allowing it to hold better value than similar sports cars.

The BRZ holds its value because it is a rare breed

Interior of the Subaru BRZ in black with red trim. It is the afforable sports car that best holds its value.
Interior of the Subaru BRZ | Subaru

Admittedly, this is a bit of an Occam’s Razor situation, but perhaps the reason for the BRZ’s ability to hold value is down to the basic formula it employs. The truth is, there aren’t many rear-wheel drive, manual transmission sports cars left these days. Furthermore, those that still exist are expensive luxury cars or American muscle. Those seeking a simple, fun sports car have fewer options than in years past.

Affordable, rear-drive, manual transmission cars are starting to feel like unicorns. That naturally keeps demand high, contributing to the BRZ’s ability to hold its value versus other sports cars.

Used Subaru BRZ Values Today

According to iSeeCars, the Subaru BRZ loses an average of 18.2% of its value over five years. In raw numbers, that’s a depreciation of just under $6,000. Its next closest competitor is the Ford Mustang, which loses 19.4% of its value over the same period. However, the Mustang also costs more, and in turn, its depreciation adds up to $7,500.

Today, the average price for a used Subaru BRZ ranges from $21,000 to $30,000, depending on the year and mileage. Higher-mileage examples can sell for as little as $11,000 and make a good starting point for a complete build project. Either way, one thing is for sure – this tiny sports car packs a lot of fun for the money.

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