How to Add Wireless Android Auto to an Older Car

Do you currently use Android Auto on your car and wish that you could connect to it without having to plug in that pesky USB cord? Or is your car older and all you have for entertainment is an AM/FM radio and a CD player that only works half the time? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then don’t worry, you can now add wireless Android Auto to your car, even if it is older.

Why would anyone want wireless Android Auto?

Wireless Android Auto makes connecting your phone to your car’s system easy and effortless. If you currently use Android Auto in your car, then you know that it can be a pain having to pull your phone out every time to plug in the cord and connect to the infotainment system. Sure, it’s a simple step, but the USB cord can sometimes cause Android Auto to stop connecting to your phone at times, so getting rid of it can help.

The cockpit of an Audi Q8 prototype with an infotainment system - which runs on the Android operating system.
The cockpit of an Audi Q8 prototype with an infotainment system – which runs on the Android operating system. | (Photo by Andrej Sokolow/picture alliance via Getty Images)

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Adding wireless Android Auto to a car with Android Auto

If you currently own a car that has Android Auto compatibility but you want it to be wireless, then there is one solution for you. Android Authority found a nifty new dongle that plugs directly into your car’s head unit and then relays the signal to your Android phone via WiFi, effectively giving you wireless Android Auto.

The device itself is called AAWireless and has passed its funding goal on Indiegogo and the company should be shipping units out soon. They’re currently selling for $65 and should provide wireless connectivity to Android phones that are running Android9 and above. For reference, wireless Android Auto is currently only available on phones running Android 11, but this dongle fills the compatibility gap.

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Adding wireless Android Auto to an older car

If you currently have an older car that doesn’t have Android Auto or is an entry-level trim that never came with it, then you can still get it, although, you may have to spend more than $65. The easiest way to add wireless Android Auto to your older car would be to replace the head unit with a newer one that has wireless Android Auto capability.

CNET found that the best overall head unit for using Android Auto, wireless or not, is the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX, which is also Amazon Alexa compatible as well. The head unit costs around $700, but if you want something that better fits your budget, then you can always check out Crutchfield to find the right head unit for your specific vehicle.

a shot of the Pioneer AVH-4500NEX head unit
Pioneer AVH-4500NEX head unit | Pioneer

The future is here

Whether you drive a newer car or an older one, having the ability to connect to Android Auto without using a wire is more of a luxury than you might think. Not only will do away with the finicky USB cord that normally attaches to the system, but you can also now use it to charge your phone while using Android Auto at the same time. These are interesting times we live in, but the future is here.