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Acura’s suite of advanced safety and driver-assistance technologies is called AcuraWatch, and it includes a lot more features than you may think. For the price of modern luxury cars, it should be expected that you’ll get a lot in your new car or SUV. 

Some additional features may not be standard on all Acura models and trim levels.

AcuraWatch is standard on all Acura sedans and SUVs

What is AcuraWatch? This system is a collection of tools that are offered standard on all Acura sedans, like the Acura TLX, and SUVs. The features work together to help reduce human error, though they still rely on human intervention. The presence of AcuraWatch does not mean that these vehicles are autonomous. Visit the Acura Info Center to learn more.

Road Departure Mitigation

Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) works with the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKA—described below) to alert the driver if the vehicle is drifting outside of its visible driving lanes. Road Departure Mitigation specifically works between 45-90 mph during specific conditions. The system utilizes audio and vibration cues as warnings, and can even move the steering wheel to adjust the vehicle if needed. All of this is to help keep the vehicle within the lanes.

Collision Mitigation Braking System 

This safety feature, available on models like the Acura RDX SUV, can make a significant difference in preventing or lessening the risk of a collision. The system uses sensors to monitor obstacles in front of the vehicle and operates in three stages to mitigate danger. This AcuraWatch safety feature applies the brakes at different levels to slow down the vehicle or stop it as soon as possible.

Adaptive Cruise Control

AcuraWatch Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is great for commuters. With this system, you can set a speed and following distance for traffic. For example, you can set a following distance of two car lengths and a maximum speed of 65 mph. The ACC system will automatically accelerate or decelerate the car to maintain that maximum speed while also maintaining the appropriate following distance. Systems like these make Acura models some of the safest luxury SUVs you can buy.

Lane Departure Warning

The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system also works with the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKA—described below) to keep drivers safer. This system monitors travel lanes ahead to help keep vehicles on track. The LDW system specifically is responsible for audio and visual warning alerts if a vehicle drifts out of its lane.

Lane Keeping Assist System

The Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) System works in tandem with multiple other AcuraWatch driver-assistance features, including Lane Departure Warning and Road Departure Mitigation. This is one of the more active systems. It can actively steer your vehicle back between the lanes when needed. The presence of systems like these may be why Acura models received an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating this year.

Other AcuraWatch features supporting safety

AcuraWatch safety comes standard on all Acura cars and SUVs, like this yellow Acura TLX
AcuraWatch comes standard on models like the Acura TLX | Acura

The AcuraWatch features explained above are the major players in the package, but they’re not the only driver-assistance systems available. Other features that are standard or available in Acura cars include: 

  • Multi-View Rear Camera with Dynamic Guidelines
  • Surround-View Camera System
  • Advanced Pedestrian Detection
  • Low-Speed Follow
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Rear Cross Traffic Monitor
  • Parking Sensors (front and rear)
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Low-Speed Braking Control

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