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Times are changing, and supercars like the Acura NSX tend to change, too. For instance, some of the most splendid lunatics in the supercar market aren’t naturally aspirated, high-revving V12s or turbocharged V8s anymore. Instead, they’re hybrid hypercars and supercars with a combination of a powerful gas-powered engine and one or multiple electric motors to make considerable power and bleeding-edge four-wheel grip. While the new 2024 Chevy Corvette E-Ray and the somewhat familiar 2022 Acura NSX Type S are terrific examples of hybrid performance machines, how do they stack up against each other? 

Which is faster, an Acura NSX or a Corvette?

The Acura NSX is fast, but the C8 Corvette Stingray accelerates faster. For instance, the Stingray can, under optimal conditions, hit 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. On the other hand, the 2022 Acura NSX Type S requires 2.9 seconds to perform the same sprint. 

However, in Car and Driver’s testing, only the Z51 package-equipped Stingray outsprinted the Acura model. Still, the NSX is a hybrid supercar that would almost certainly outrun a C8 Stingray on a track. However, the Corvette has its own hybrid supercar variant now, and the so-called E-Ray promises performance. Chevrolet says the new E-Ray will hit 60 mph in 2.5 seconds on its way to a 10.5-second quarter mile. 

A 2022 Acura NSX Type S blasts down a track.
2022 Acura NSX Type S | Honda

That makes the new E-Ray not just faster than the Acura NSX or the C8 Stingray but faster accelerating than the new Z06 or any other Corvette, full stop. Moreover, the 2022 Acura NSX Type S and the 2024 Corvette E-Ray are hybrid supercars using a combination of a gas-powered engine and electric propulsion. In the case of the NSX, a trio of electric motors supports a V6, while the new Corvette uses a single electric motor and a 6.2L V8.    

How much horsepower does the hybrid electric Corvette have?

The new 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray produces a combined 655 horsepower and 595 lb-ft of torque. That figure results from a naturally aspirated 495-horsepower 6.2L LT2 V8 and a 160-horsepower front-mounted electric motor that directs grip to the front tire that needs it most. 

A new Corvette E-Ray shows off its front end while corners on a mountain road using its AWD system.
2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray 3LZ convertible | General Motors

On the other hand, the Acura NSX Type S produces 520 horsepower from its twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6. The Acura model then adds around 36 horsepower from two AC front motors and 47 horsepower from a rear motor that supports the V6. As a result, the Type S produces about 600 horsepower. Furthermore, the new ‘Vette packs a 1.9 kWh battery pack, whereas the hybrid NSX uses a 1.3 kWh unit.   

How much will the C8 E-Ray cost?

The new Chevrolet Corvette C8 E-Ray will start at around $104,295 for the entry-level 1LZ coupe. Moreover, the 2LZ will have a starting point of about $109,795 and the range-topping 3LZ will start at about $115,245. All three trims offer a convertible for an additional $7,000. 

Still, the hybrid Corvette seems like a bargain compared to the now-discontinued NSX Type S. According to Car and Driver, the 2022 Acura NSX Type S starts at around $171,495.   


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Why is Acura discontinuing the NSX?

Unfortunately, Acura discontinued the NSX following the 2022 model year. The marque says that the NSX is a casualty of shifting priorities and that the company is focusing on other models moving forward. 

Which hybrid supercar would you take? Tell us in the comments below!