Are These Actually 5 of the Worst Cars Tested by Consumer Reports?

When you want to know whether a car is good or bad, one of the best places for that information is Consumer Reports. For many years, this organization has been trusted by consumers across the country for the advice given for purchases. While many vehicles are pretty impressive, these are some of the worst cars ever tested by Consumer Reports.

Most negative lists will tell you the Pontiac Aztek is one of the worst cars ever made

Orange Pontiac Aztek posed
Pontiac Aztek | Wiki Commons

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The Pontiac Aztek looked like a good idea when it arrived in its concept form. By the time the bean counters got to it, it was an ugly and mostly useless crossover SUV that helped bring down the Pontiac Brand. Motor Junkie tells us this was one of the worst cars tested by Consumer Reports, but there’s something interesting about this SUV.

While we all know the Aztek became extremely popular in the TV show Breaking Bad, you might not realize the designer of the Aztek also designed the C7 Corvette. The fact that the Chevy Corvette was an incredible car while the Pontiac Aztek was terrible tells you more about the bean counters at GM than the designer.

The Fiat 500L never quite caught on in the United States

Brown Fiat 500L on the road, this was one of the worst cars ever tested by Consumer Reports
Fiat 500L | Wiki Commons

Before the proliferation of SUVs, consumers still looked to hatchbacks for their desired drive. The Fiat 500 was an interesting and small Italian car that looked fun. When the Fiat brand chose to expand this vehicle to the 500L model, something went wrong.

Using an extended platform and stronger engine for the Fiat 500L than the traditional 500, Fiat expected sales to increase with this longer car. Unfortunately, this car became a disaster. The sales figures didn’t support this car; it was slow and poorly equipped. Consumer Reports declared this car a bad choice in the market.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA became one of the worst cars in the market

Black Mercedes-Benz CLA posed with a sunset
Mercedes-Benz CLA | Wiki Commons

The idea of an entry-level luxury car is a good one. Build an affordable vehicle with just enough luxury features to make drivers want more when they’re ready for the next car. Unfortunately, the CLA wasn’t well-equipped enough to attract the desired sales figures.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA brings a recognizable branding design, a plush interior, several options, and high-quality materials. That said, the car was small and lacked the luxury feeling you expect from a luxury sedan.

Do you remember the Yugo GV? Consumer Reports might remember it

Red Yugo GV became one of the worst cars ever made
Yugo GV | Wiki Commons

In the latter part of the 1980s, the Yugo GV arrived in America as a compact hatchback that could be a good option for some drivers. The car was attractive enough for the 1980s, but it was easily one of the worst cars ever made.

A tiny 1.1-liter four-cylinder engine powered the Yugo, and it only delivered 65 horsepower for the drive. This car barely made it to highway speeds. Even though the Yugo GV was painfully slow, this car was a bit of a sales success, with more than 40,000 models out on the road.

The Ford Pinto gives the Aztek a run as one of the worst cars ever made

Yellow Ford Pinto which was one of the most dangerous cars ever made
Ford Pinto | Wiki Commons

The Ford Pinto was an answer to the changing market of the 1970s, offering us a car that became a truly terrible option for many. Today, many drivers fall in love with the Pinto and its history, but when it arrived, there was a serious engineering problem.

 Ford forgot to protect the rear-mounted fuel tank, which caused problems for the Pinto. The tank was below the trunk and behind the rear bumper. Most cars built this way had a cross member to protect the fuel tank, but not the Pinto. This made the Ford Pinto one of the most dangerous cars on the road, especially when fires would break out when the fuel tank leaked.

What cars can you think of that could be considered some of the worst cars ever made? These five are just a few that hit the bottom of the pile when reviewed by Consumer Reports.

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