According to Kelly Blue Book This is the Most Affordable Luxury Brand

Affordability is a big consideration for folks who want to purchase a new car, but the most affordable option isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective in the long run. The Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own awards offer an excellent way for consumers to choose their purchase wisely, considering both the current asking price and the potential future resale value. And the luxury brand that topped Kelley Blue Book’s affordability awards list this year? Acura.

How the award works

To determine which cars offer the best 5-Year Cost to Own stats, Kelley Blue Book considers a number of complex factors. The main goal of this list is to clarify which vehicles will actually be a good investment, and which ones may seem like a good deal at the moment but will actually cost more money down the road.

Some factors that Kelley Blue Book considers are interest rates, fuel economy, and insurance. Its biggest focus, however, is how much the vehicle will depreciate over time. While some cars — particularly those from luxury brands — come with a higher price tag, Kelley Blue Book makes its Cost to Own calculation based on both the brand’s reputation and the specific model’s resale potential.

Why Acura?

An Acura RDX A-Spec car is on display during the 17th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition at China Import and Export Fair Complex
The Acura RDX | Ou Jinwei/VCG via Getty Images

With these factors in mind, Kelley Blue Book has listed Acura as 2020’s Lowest 5-Year Cost to Own Luxury Brand. This is the fourth time Acura has received this recognition. In part, the consistent accolades are due to the brand’s consistent reliability and dependability, both of which help contribute to high resale value in all its vehicles. 

Among this luxury brand’s standout qualities are its immense amount of safety features, excellent overall build quality, and good fuel economy. Acura vehicles come with the AcuraWatch system, a suite of various driver-assist systems and safety features such as cross-traffic warning, intelligent cruise control, and automatic emergency braking.

While Acura is a luxury brand, it offers generally affordable prices right off the bat. This, in combination with high resale values and relatively low maintenance costs, are what led to Acura being recognized as the Lowest 5-Year Cost to Own luxury brand.

Acura’s lowest 5-Year Cost to Own models

Acura didn’t just win accolades as the most affordable luxury brand, though. Two specific Acura vehicles — the MDX and the ILX — have won their own Kelley Blue Book awards.

The Acura MDX makes the list of Lowest 5-Year Cost to Own SUVs, and is specifically noted as the Best 3-Row Midsize Luxury SUV. This vehicle gets 290 hp from its 3.5-liter V6 engine, and its base price is a relatively low $45,525. Kelley Blue Book cites its contemporary appearance, abundance of safety features, and large interior as factors that make the MDX rise above the competition. In addition, the MDX has fairly low operation costs.

The ILX also stands out, making the list of 2020’s Lowest 5-Year Cost to Own Cars — specifically, Kelley Blue Book states that it is the Best Entry-Level Luxury Car. This is the third year in a row that the ILX has made its way onto the list of most-affordable luxury cars. It has excellent fuel economy, gets 201 hp, and has numerous standard features — including a moonroof and heated front seats — that set it apart from the competition. Kelley Blue Book notes that in addition to its low cost and high resale value, the ILX is simply fun to drive.

Nobody wants a car that will lose all its value after purchase. These awards offer an excellent way for consumers to choose their investments wisely — and to enjoy a little luxury without breaking the bank.