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Discovering a true barn find is one of the most exciting ideas in the automotive world. A car that has been lost and forgotten getting rediscovered is truly noteworthy. But, how much more exciting is it to find a barn find treasure trove with dozens of old, dust-covered, classic cars locked in a time capsule oblivious to the last 30 years? This abandoned auto shop is as spooky a barn find as it is exciting. Step into this automotive treasure trove frozen in time. 

Room full of dusty barn finds at abandoned auto shop
Dozens of abandoned cars | YouTube: via Engrave

Feast your eyes on this incredible barn find time capsule

News of this insane barn find comes to us via The Drive but was discovered by the Engrave YouTube channel. Most details about this amazing discovery are not released. The ownership of the vehicles in question is still unclear, so the finder will likely keep it hush-hush until they can work out the particulars.

Although this barn find horde isn’t full of rare European sportscars, it is still a magnificent showing of mostly 90s sedans that have been preserved in beautiful condition. What was once what appears to be a thriving auto shop looks to have been closed down and forgotten about for over 30 years. 

The collection appears to be mostly Oldsmobile sedans, with a few other juicer models scattered throughout. Peppered amongst the Oldsmobiles are some random Peugeots, a classic Plymouth, and a 1969 Ford Galaxy 500. The condition of the cars ranges from mangled junk to what seems to be some shiny paint hidden under decades of dust

There is more than just old cars in this abandoned auto shop

The explorer in the video shows room after room of cars. Still, some may not notice the shadowy side rooms filled with mountains of automotive parts, literature, tools, and other memorabilia of a ’90s auto shop. 

The longer you watch, the more your initial excitement to see what our intrepid explorer might find next fades into a subtle and gut-wrenching creepiness. The video maker’s spooky music doesn’t help the viewer’s increasingly raised heart rate. Aside from the dilapidated state of the building, the shop’s contents seem like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie. 

The explorer finds boxes of unopened books, manuals, and other literature. It looks like whoever was in this place last left in a hurry. All of the many cars are unlocked, and many still have the keys in the ignition. 

What do you do when you find abandoned cars? 

Plymouth barn find amongst many Oldsmobiles
Dozens of abandoned cars | YouTube: via Engrave

Amazing Lotus Esprit Barn Find Just Got Bought for $300

This massive facility is spooky and mysterious. It seems as though no one has been here in years. However, this doesn’t mean it is free to roam and explore, much less help yourself to the dusty fleet. So, what do you do when you find something like this treasure trove of barn finds? 

Finding who the property belongs to is number one. You can do this by asking around town, but it can also be done with a little google power. Part of what makes barn finds so exciting is the thrill of the unknown; both, what you will find around the next corner or under the next tarp, and the thrill of possible danger. We can’t help this second one. It just is what it is. 

As exciting as barn finds can be, always make sure you aren’t somewhere you shouldn’t be before exploring. As much fun as barn finds are, a shotgun in the face is equally as unfun.