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Most people have had to call AAA at some point. Even if you don’t have an account for your cars, trucks, or SUVs, someone around you probably does. Now, AAA mobile electric vehicle charging trucks are hitting the road to get your EV charged and ready. You can charge your electric car at a Cracker Barrel, but AAA has your back if you don’t quite reach your destination.

AAA mobile electric vehicle charging is available in 15 cities

AAA mobile electric vehicle charging is available in 15 cities
The AAA mobile electric vehicle charging map | AAA

AAA announced today that its new electric vehicle charging trucks are hitting the road in more than 15 cities. While this version of the program is new, the company has actually been testing a mobile charging program since early 2010. After retiring the first program, AAA is once again electrifying member benefits with a new charging truck.

The following 15 cities have AAA mobile electric car charging trucks, the same trucks you already see on the road. Equipped with gasoline for those who need it, a quick battery jump, and a quick charge.

Orlando, FLAvon, MA Portland, OR
Nashville, TNProvidence, RI Indianapolis, IN
Charlotte, NCPeabody, MASan Francisco, CA
Denver, COWest Springfield, MAPhiladelphia, PA
Grand Rapids, MIBend, ORRedmond, WA
AAA mobile electric vehicle charging | AAA

Cliff Ruud, AAA’s managing director of automotive solutions, says, “If you’re a AAA member, you already know that we’re more than just roadside assistance service. We’re also committed to supporting our members through big purchase decisions – like buying an electric vehicle.”

AAA members won’t have to pay extra for mobile electric vehicle charging

In case it wasn’t clear, there isn’t an additional charge for this service if you are already a AAA member. If you live in one of the cities equipped with charging trucks, you might have already seen one on the road. AAA says it will continue assessing demand for its charging trucks and add more trucks in cities.

As automakers continue to incorporate advanced styling and the latest innovative technology into electric vehicles, we are committed to learning, developing, and servicing the vehicles our members are driving.”

Cliff Ruud | AAA’s managing director of automotive solutions

While AAA can give you a quick charge on the side of the road, many drivers might opt for a tow home. These trucks will provide service to all AAA members who might need it. The company hopes this will help ease range anxiety and make longer trips in electric cars more feasible. If you are planning a trip soon, check out some places where you can charge an electric car for free.

EV charging trucks coming to a city near you

Drivers can decide what works best: adding a few miles of range wherever you end up or getting a tow elsewhere. If you are on a road trip, that could be to a nearby DC fast-charging station. Otherwise, AAA mobile electric vehicle charging trucks can tow you home, to a hotel, or wherever you need to go.

AAA has a handy new tool called TripTik to help EV drivers plan a road trip. Input your destination and starting location to find the best route with the most chargers along the way. If nothing else, AAA mobile electric vehicle charging is good for peace of mind.


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