A Windshield Leak Led to a 2017 Land Rover Discovery Owner Suing

Manufacturers issue technical service bulletins and recalls based on the available proof that the failures occurred during production and any substantial risks vehicle drivers face as a result of the issue. While these notices may be common, in less frequent instances, consumers are forced to sue for damages and replacements. Recently, one such class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Land Rover Discovery owner with leaky windshield problems. It not only presented a potentially dangerous situation for the owner, but it could include models beyond the 2017 model described in the suit.

It all started with a windshield leak

According to Car Complaints, the lawsuit, filed toward the end of last month by the attorney, Stephen S. Duggins, claims a windshield leak is at the heart of the plaintiff’s claim. The owner of the 2017 Land Rover Discovery in question says water seeping in through the windshield ultimately destroyed the dashboard computer system.

The vehicle in question has been at the local Land Rover dealership now for more than five months without resolution. The class-action suit allows for the addition of other model year vehicles to the plaintiff list that may be afflicted by the same windshield leak issues, including those between 2013 and 2020.

Unresolved problems lead to even bigger problems

A leaky windshield might not sound like a terribly dangerous issue. But for this Land Rover Discovery owner, it’s a slow leak that led to more detrimental problems. He said once water seeped into the dashboard, it immediately affected the computer controls. He lost signals, messaging, and instrumentation, which would make driving dangerous and problematic.

But that’s not the only side effect of a poorly sealed windshield. When this Discovery owner went back to the dealership to pick up his SUV, it presented with a terrible moldy odor. The technicians said these windshield problems were common but unfortunately had left the vehicle closed up with moisture, creating the foul and permanent smell.

What the lawsuit suggests needs to be done

The technicians didn’t argue and understood why this Land Rover Discovery owner was upset. But in the end, a faulty windshield or poor installation thereof isn’t the dealership’s burden.

The lawsuit claims Land Rover must have known about the leaking problem and chose not to offer a remedy accordingly. The plaintiff suggests the automaker reimburse all customers who experienced irreparable damage, the entire purchase price of the SUV.

The suit also is requesting Land Rover to recall all potentially affected models and extend warranty coverage to compensate.

What’s new with the Land Rover Discovery?


A Land Rover Recall Failure Led to Another Recall

While this lawsuit potentially ranges through this year’s model Discovery, it certainly doesn’t imply that leaking windshields happen to every vehicle. New this year, the British carmaker debuted the Landmark Edition trim, which comes in slightly above the SE version.

A few features were made standard, including blind-spot monitoring. The SE trim dropped navigation but did upgrade for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity standards. Most reviews praise this upscale and capable SUV for being clever with technology, having quality materials, and driving with the smoothest of manners.

The 2021 Land Rover Discovery spy photos have dropped, and there could be an electric prototype for the next model. Reports suggest this new Discovery may be the first in its history to add a plug-in powertrain.

Land Rover typically enjoys a reliable and upscale brand reputation. It may be interesting to see when and how the automaker responds to this suit. In the meantime, if you own a Discovery with windshield water penetration, you may want to look into the details of the lawsuit. It was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Southern Division: TH Chiro, PLLC, et al., v. Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC