A Rental Camaro with 750 hp? It’s Real

Well now, this sure beats renting another crummy Versa. Hendrick Motorsports is modifying a gang of not one, but two different Chevy Camaros that you can rent from Hertz Rental. You’ll be seeing them in certain areas of the country, and with those bright yellow stripes laying against the shiny black bodies, we are sure the police will be seeing those special rental Camaros, too.

750-hp Rental CAr

Hendrick Motorsports is making 224 of the Hertz Camaros. Most will be modified SS Camaros with the 6.2-liter V8 that is now putting out 480 hp by means of Chevy’s cold-air intake and cat-back exhaust. Stock, the SS has 455 hp. 

The amped-up Camaros start as a ZL1 with a larger-than-stock Callaway supercharger putting down 750 hp from the standard 650 hp 6.2-liter V8. In both versions, you’ll be announcing your presence with the yellow graphics festooning the black Camaros in a nod to Hendrick Motorsports’ No. 24 NASCAR racecar. 

Hertz Camaro Rental Rules

There are, however, caveats to renting the 750-hp Camaro, so here’s the catch: It will cost $299 per day. You can enjoy your joyride up to 75 miles per day before Hertz tags you 75 cents a mile. Hertz also says those prices could change due to “market conditions” but is also quick to point out that can affect any rental agreement.

You have to be 25 years or older and be able to agree to Hertz’s standard rental agreement. The SS version goes for $99 per day and is governed by the standard rental policies. Five locations will get the 750-hp Camaros. They are Phoenix, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, and Charlotte.

The 480-hp Camaro gets a bigger distribution with availability at 14 cities. They are San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, and Atlanta. 

Availability starts in October, so make your plans now.

Fast Hertz Rentals Started In 1966

Hertz started the idea of renting tricked out sporty cars back in 1966 when they had Shelby do a slew of black and gold 1966 “350H” Mustang fastbacks. Sometimes this worked well and sometimes it didn’t. 

There were stories of some racers renting the Mustang and dropping the 350H’s 306 hp 289ci V8 in their beater Falcon and heading to the dragstrip for a day of faster times. Others didn’t bother with the swap and showed up with the 350H on race day. 

Either way, it became a costly cat-and-mouse game for Hertz to carefully go over each returned 350H fastback to make sure any damage was reimbursed. 

While we remember the dynamic black and gold Hertz Shelby Mustangs, they were actually available in other colors. In all 1001 were produced, which included a fiberglass hood, functional side-scoops to duct air to the rear brakes, plexiglass side windows replacing the louvered vents, Goodyear Blue Streak tires and badges and other identification.

Shelby and Hertz did a similar program again in 2006 with black and gold “GT-H” fastback Mustangs. 

But this isn’t 1966, and we’re talking more than twice the horsepower—a full 750 hp. Oh, and it’s a Camaro not a Mustang.