A Pickup Truck With a Third Row?

Pickup trucks are undeniably popular. They come in all trims and sizes, and they are driven by a spectrum of people. From the college freshman in her dad’s hand-me-down Tacoma to the stay-at-home dad toting small children around –– three car seats across –– in a new F-150, this is a vehicle that appeals to a wide audience on many fronts. But is there a pickup truck with a third row?

On one hand, there are the ultra-capable little 4×4 types. Commute to work all week and then load your mountain bikes up for a weekend in nature. On the other hand, there are the sleek modern trucks designed like giant luxury cars. There are so many choices available to potential truck buyers.

Are pickup trucks good family cars?

For many reasons, the pickup truck makes a fabulous family car. But what about for a family of over five people? Is there a pickup truck that can accommodate that many passengers?

Sure, there is a full front bench seat option. A pickup truck with a full-size cab can fit three people across in front, and three people across in the rear. That front middle seat is often less valuable than the cupholders and extra console space that the option to fold it down often provides.

Is there a pickup truck with a third row?

As cool as it is, this “Tundrasine” probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

Unless you buy a limousine version of a pickup truck, you’ll have to look elsewhere for that third row. Still, there are crew cabs and extended cabs that are spacious enough for a family.

Even without a third row, a pickup truck is absolutely capable of toting around a family of 5 or 6. If you want to use a pickup truck as your primary family vehicle, it’s totally doable.

Which pickup truck makes the best family car?

Unless you can find one that has been custom-built, third-row seating just isn’t available for pickup trucks.

In this rundown of trucks, Fatherly gives an explanation of which truck model is the best for each type of dad. From “dads who like to camp” to “dads who want to tow stuff,” this article gives a brief review of why they chose each truck for its respective title.

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 earns the title “Family Pickup Truck For Dads With a Full Family.” With its ample space for car seats and additional features like remote-start and an entertainment system option for the back seat, this truck offers some pretty family-friendly options.

Why isn’t there a pickup truck with a third row?

While pickup trucks may make a great family vehicle for many American dads and moms, there just isn’t enough demand for a pick truck with a third row. If there was, we’d probably see them on the market already.

So, if you think your family may grow past five or six, a pickup truck is probably not the best choice for your next vehicle. Something that can accommodate more passengers is most likely going to be your best bet.

Most people who drive trucks don’t have the need for an extra row of seats for that many passengers. That’s the main reason there hasn’t been a massive third-row truck released on the market. But who knows? maybe we will see one someday.