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While Harley-Davidson is a heavyweight when it comes to gas-powered motorcycles, the company is still relatively new in the electric field. Now, that Curtiss Motorcycles unveiled its latest bike design, Harley-Davidson faces a competitor to rival its LiveWire electric motorcycle.

Curtiss Motorcycles goes electric

Over the past year, the motorcycle company has showcased a wide array of out-of-the-box electric motorcycle designs. Most of Curtiss’s motorcycles retail at around $75,000. However, this is about to change with its latest release.

Curtiss’ newest motorcycle retails in the $30,000 region — less than half the cost of other motorcycles in its repertoire. While the price may be a bit high for some, spending $30,000 is much better than spending $75,000. Adding to the excitement, the latest design will directly compete with Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle.

The Psyche electric motorcycle

The bike borrows its name from the Greek goddess of the soul, Psyche, who’s the wife of Eros, the Greek god of love. Specific details regarding the Psyche electric motorcycle, like battery capacity, charging options, and motor torque, are still unknown.

What we do know is that the motorcycle will probably come with two motor options, either 36 kW at 48 hp, or 72 kW at 96 hp. The more powerful motor will likely cost a bit more. The Psyche will weigh around 375 pounds and offer a range of about 162 miles.

While the electric motorcycle’s rear swingarm and girder fork are similar to other Curtiss motorcycles, a few design features, like a drum-shaped battery, differentiate the Psyche. Plus, the bike’s elements are packaged in a white-coated accented aesthetic never seen before on a motorcycle.

The bike’s curved backbone is shockingly visible, and the seat’s padding is pleasingly bifurcated. The Psyche features the trademark outrageous and futuristic designs marked by Curtiss. Identifying Northern California as its vital market, Curtiss plans to establish bike and sales facilities there.

While the company still seeks investors — its currently running a WeFunder campaign — the unveiled Psyche will not be available any time soon. Curtiss plans to begin sales in fall 2021. Curtiss CEO Matt Chambers is, however, confident that when the bike hits the market, it will provide stiff competition for the LiveWire.

Psyche vs. LiveWire

The Psyche’s pricing alone strokes the competition it will have with Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire, which is available at $29,799. And Chambers’ remarks take it a step further, according to New Atlas.

The CEO fired shots at the American company in an email. He stated how the Psyche is a clean shot at Harley-Davidson, referring to his company as the knockout punch Harley does not see coming.

Chambers adds that Curtiss out-planned, out-designed, out-engineered, out-branded, and out-promoted Harley-Davidson. The EV market is still small and suits Curtiss’ core skill sets, bandwidth, and competencies better, according to the CEO.

These are strong words. According to Electrek, while Curtiss is a forward-thinking company with inspired designs, Harley-Davidson has one clear advantage. Aside from having the same amount of electric concepts as Curtiss, Harley is actually producing electric bikes.

According to the article, Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire may be overpriced, but it still offers value. Chambers’ statements are bold, but then again, what would the auto industry be without a little competition? The Psyche will be available in 2021.