A Ford F-150 Tremor? It Might Actually Happen

Truck enthusiasts are no doubt familiar with the Ford F-Series Pickup. Ford actually began producing trucks based on the Model T platform in the 1910s. These early version pickup trucks were light-duty and had poor weight distribution, but they exposed a niche and people bought them.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Ford sought to capitalize on the popularity of the Model T truck by creating an improved Model A and Model B versions. These models were more purpose-built than the Model T and had longer beds for better weight distribution. After World War II Ford redesigned its truck line, introducing eight new models ranging from the 1/2-ton F1 to the 3 ton F-8 and the F-Series was introduced to the world.

The F-Series name has evolved a few more times over the years, as has the design and capability of the trucks carrying those names. The Tremor package is the latest in a long line of innovation.

F-150 Tremor

Do not get the newest iteration of the Tremor confused with the short-lived Tremor release of 2014. That was merely a flash in the pan sport truck offering attempting to fill the shoes of the F-150 SVT Lightning. 

The F-Series Super-Duty Tremor package is currently an available option for 2020 Ford Super-Duty trucks. On the Super-Duty platform, the Tremor package provides a substantial boost to off-road capability. An F-150 Tremor could potentially benefit from the same offerings as its larger stablemates.

The Super-Duty package is to be equipped with 35-inch all-terrain off-road tires, twin-tube 1.7-inch piston shocks, progressive rate springs, electronic locking rear differential, limited-slip front differential, a two-inch lift, automatic stowing running boards, off-road skip plates and a “Rock Crawl” option in the selectable drive modes.

These specs add up to the Super-Duty having up to 33-inch deep water fording capability, a 31.65-degree approach and a 24.51-degree departure angle. While no specs are available yet for the F-150 Tremor, based on pictures reported by Ford Authority it appears the F-150 Tremor will potentially surpass these stats.

While the F-Series Super Duty Tremor package is available for 2020 models set to roll off the assembly lines in the next few months, there is no release date scheduled for an F-150 Tremor production model. If and when it does become available, it is speculated that the Tremor package would lie in the middle between the FX4 and Raptor option packages.

Compared to FX4

Until the Tremor package is added to the line-up, the FX4 is the most advanced off-road package Ford offers that still maintains the F-150’s utilitarian nature, although a luxurious interior is available with leather, heated seats, and all the amenities. 

According to Ford.com, the FX4 package delivers an electronic locking rear differential that locks the rear axle completely providing power and traction to rear both wheels in slippery conditions, off-road-tuned shock absorbers, and skid plates to prevent damage to undercarriage components.

On the F-150, the Tremor package could improve upon the FX4 with even better off-road shocks, limited-slip front differential, larger tires, and a Rock-Crawl option for the selectable drive mode.

Compared to Raptor

The Tremor package is designed to be an all-out trail crushing rock crawler, where the Raptor is designed to fly flat out over rough terrain in a desert racing environment. Raptor specific upgrades include large travel Fox internal bypass shocks to soak up bumpy terrain at high speeds and new Recaro sport seats designed to increase driver and passenger control and ride comfort when encountering bumps the high-tech suspension fails to soak up.

Trail Control is another option available on the Raptor platform. Trail Control is designed to apply either power or braking independently to all four tires as conditions dictate. Think of it as cruise control only more intuitive and for off-road conditions.

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